Busy Circuits ALM033 MEGA-TANG quad VCA and stereo mixer, and Pamela’s PRO Workout

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Two new feature-packed Busy Circuits releases: the ALM033 MEGA-TANG quad VCA + stereo mixer, and the PRO version of Pamela’s workout.

New Eurorack modules are released almost every year. Will that ever change or not? Well, we may only see that in a few years. Since I currently have a lot to do with furnishing my new apartment and getting the studio ready for use, some releases pass me by. Sorry for that.

This happened to me with the last Busy Circuits release. The British developers have released Pamela’s PRO Workout, a further development of their best-selling module. And now there is another new module from BC. Before I forget again, I’ll give you a little summary of the first module and then the whole new module.

Busy Circuits ALM033 MEGA TANG

Busy Circuits ALM034 Pamela’s PRO Workout

The Pamela’s Workouts are the most popular modules in the Eurorack world. They are compact, fascinating clock and modulation generators that are crammed with useful features. Each rack with one of these modules blossoms with new possibilities for connectivity and interaction. Perfect for generating patterns, clocks, divisions, and more.

With the ALM034 Pamela’s PRO Workout, Busy Circuits has now introduced the successor. At the same time, they have discontinued the last version. It builds on the original Pamela’s Workout and Pamela NEW Workout and introduces a wide range of new features.

Busy Circuits has decided to give the new Pam a color hi-res display which makes it easier to navigate through the menus. Pamela’s PRO Workout comes with 8 fully-configurable outputs where each output can have its own function. You get an eye-catching big yellow start/stop button and a clickable encoder for menu diving and parameter tweaks.

The developers also say that it comes with a new scope mode that gives you a clear representation of your modulation signals.

On the software side, the module is again a versatile clock generator with a tempo between 10 and 303BPM. Then, you can also multiply and divide the clock in many different wild ways. Also onboard is again the modulation consisting of multi-wave LFOs, envelopes, ratchets, and random generators. There are also powerful Euclidean generators, probability, and beat-based looping.

If the 4 CV inputs are not enough, it also supports the Axon-1 expander that adds 4 more giving you in a total of 8 CV inputs. And if the information from Busy Circuits is to be believed, there are more expanders in development.


Busy Circuits ALM033 MEGA-TANG

The second new module release is called MEGA-TANG and is a 16HP DC-coupled quad linear VCA and stereo mixer module. The module gives per-input control over the level, effect send, pan, and muting. Its core builds on the clean and transparent-sounding Tangle Quartet VCA. Plus you get a stereo mix output, effect sends (mono send with a stereo return), manual panning, soft mute buttons with LED indicators, and an expression port for future expandability.

Thanks to the individual VCA outputs, you can remove individual channels from the main mix. A clever functionality for cueing and monitoring. All signals are Euro level and bar the effects return. And with its DC-coupled topology, you can use the sockets with audio as well as CV signals.

According to Busy Circuits, it’s skiff friendly and offers reverse polarity protection.

Two very exciting modules. With the new ALM034 Pamela’s PRO workout, I’m sure there will be waiting times. The module is extremely popular in the Eurorack community and the new version looks like an exciting development to me. I might need one too.

Busy Circuits ALM033 MEGA-TANG will be $299 USD and ALM034 Pamela’s PRO Workout $349 USD. Both modules will be available soon.

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  1. The only thing missing is CV control over Pan and Send. I would gladly sacrifice the mono out / stereo in Send functionality all-together for CV control over Pan.

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