Model 266t, Buchla’s iconic Source of Uncertainty in Eurorack from Tiptop

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The Model 266t is Tiptop Audio’s Eurorack take on the iconic Buchla Source of Uncertainty modulation module, it’s ready for pre-order.

One of my highlights of Superbooth 21 was the announcement of the first official Buchla Eurorack modules in collaboration with Tiptop Audio. Not the Eurorack format is the highlight for me but the price. Both companies are offering authentic Buchla modules for the first time at a very affordable price. This gives many more musicians access to the Buchla sound world.

It’s been a year and a half since that announcement. In the meantime, the first modules have also been delivered, including the Model 258t, Model 281t… Source of Uncertainty aka Model 266t, the star among the first wave of modules is now available for pre-order.

Tiptop Audio Model 266t

Tiptop Audio Model 266t

Today, Tiptop Audio and Buchla are officially releasing the Model 266t Source of Uncertainty. Shipping will start this week. A module that many have been waiting for.

Don Buchla developed this module in 1976 and became one of the most famous modules in the modular world. The module has garnered so much attention in that time as it generated a wave of unique modulation signals packed with randomness not possible with modules from the East Coast synthesis side. It revolutionized the modular sound design in those early days of synthesizers, and was the engine for spaced-out, wild sound timbres.

Tiptop Audio’s Eurorack version of the Source of Uncertainty is a 1-to-1 recreation of the original approved by the Buchla engineerings.

It consists of a plethora of unique modulation generations: three noise sources (pink, white, blue), three types of random voltages: fluctuating,  quantized, and stored, a sample & hold generator, and an integrator. All of these form a unique CV processor that gives you the craziest modulation signals. The godfather module of bleep and bloop sounds.

It should not be forgotten that many of these ideas have now found their way into many other modern modules. The Frap Tools Sapel or the Touring Machine to name just two modules.

I am very pleased that this iconic Buchla module is now also available for Eurorack in its original form at a very affordable price.

Tiptop Audio Model 266t is available now for pre-order for $299 USD/349€.

More information here: Tiptop Audio

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