Moog adds the MF-109S Saturator for free to the Moogerfooger effects plugin bundle

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Moog has released a free update for its Moogfooger effects plugin bundle with the all-new MF-109S Saturator plugin. 

In mid-October, Moog surprised us with the release of the Moogerfooger effect plugin bundle for macOS and Windows. This brings the workflow and sound of the popular MF pedals into your DAW. A release that surprised many.

A month after this release comes the first major update. It’s a gift for everyone who already owns the bundle and for all potential new buyers.

Moog Moogerfooger MF-109S

Moog MF-109S Saturator

The newest member of the emulated Moogerfooger pedals is the MF-109S, a new saturator plugin. According to Moog, it’s a limited-time plugin for all users of the bundle. What happens to it afterwards, whether it comes to the bundle, is not known

It’s a new creative saturation tool that uses the input drive stage for adding warmth, distortion, and crunch to any given sound. It allows you to have dynamic control over this drive circuit, opening up a new way for artists to interact with the unique saturation tool.

The MF-109S interface is divided into two sections. In the middle of them is the drive input that is responsible for the character. On the left, you have an envelope follower with amount, follow rate, and sensitivity control. In this way, you can also integrate the effect precisely into moving sounds.

On the right, you have a Model D circuit modeled noise generator with switchable white and red colors, tone aka filter, and envelope amount control.  Then, in the middle, you can adjust the drive amount as well as set the output stage. Like on the other lovely Moogerfooger plugins, you can also virtually patch the back side here.  This opens the door for a lot of interesting, wilder sound possibilities.

Moog promises that the plugin is versatile to use. It can generate tight, distorted overdrive, analog saturation up to smooth compression. Sounds like a lot of fun and above all interesting to give digital sounds more “analog-style” character.

The MF-109S Saturator is available as a free gift with the purchase of the Moogerfooger effects plugin bundle. This limited-time offer is also free to everyone who has previously purchased the bundle. The bundle is available now for 179€.

If you buy it at Plugin Boutique during the Black Friday sale, you not only get the MF-109S Saturator for free but also the Cherry Audio CA2600 Synthesizer for free. Not a bad deal.

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