Korg Collection 4 adds three new “modern classic” emulations including microKorg Synthesizer

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Korg Collection 4 is the fourth version of its virtual instruments and fx plugin bundle featuring three new emulations (microKorg, Electribe R, and Kaoss Pad). 

There was a time when Korg released very few plugins. Even did little product maintenance. But then came the Collection, a reboot of their well-known Korg Legacy Collection. Since then, the Japanese have regularly released new versions with one and other surprises.

With Collection 4, the latest version is already available and Korg has emulated three new classics. But this time products from the modern Korg era.

Korg Collection 4

Korg Collection 4

This news is a surprise. I didn’t have a press release, I found the news by simply surfing the web. So Korg has now released Collection 4, the counterpart to the Arturia V Collection with the big difference that Korg gives you only emulations of their own product history.

Korg Collection 4 comes with in total of 14 plugins, including three new ones. All three are emulations from the modern Korg portfolio. So no vintage sounds. And a pity, the bundle is not extended with the Modwave or Opix native plugins. Too bad. The new additions are releases that one did not expect.


microKorg is an authentic emulation of the almost legendary microKorg digital Synthesizer. Crazy, Korg has been selling this synth since 2002 with no technical changes. Now after 20 years on the market comes the emulation for your DAW.

The software microKorg comes with the identical engine as the original hardware. Featuring two multi-wave oscillators, a multimode filter, two envelopes, two LFOs, and more. Also, onboard is the best-known vocoder functionality.

Korg microKorg

It would be exciting if you could also use the microKorg plugin as an editor for the hardware. So you can load patches from the hardware into the plugin and vice versa. If this is not the case Korg, please consider this to add. This would be a big plus point.

Update: according to the manual it should work:

“In addition, by connecting an actual “microKORG” or “microKORG S” device via MIDI, tone data can be sent and received directly in the same way as with the “microKORG Editor” tone editor/librarian software Send/Receive Mode” is also built-in.”

Electribe R

The second new plugin is an authentic software reproduction of the Electribe R drum Synthesizer/drum machine. According to Korg, they have expanded the engine with more features. It has a total of nine parts: four synth parts, PCM hi-hat (open and closed), cymbals, claps/snare, and accents.

The synth part has four selectable waveforms (sine, triangle, square, and sawtooth), which can be processed by six different modulation types. Then, the PCM part also offers six different modulation types for further processing. Each part has an AMP section for volume, note length, panning, and level-only low boost adjustment for the accent.

Korg Electribe R

The sequencer, which is loved by many, is also included. This is also an authentic reproduction but also with an expanded feature set. The sequencer gives you freedom to set the pattern steps and resolution using nine different types. In addition to the standard 4-beat patterns of 1/8, 1/16, and 1/32, there are also 3-beat/shuffle patterns of 1/12 and 1/24. Plus, there 1/10, 1/20, 1/14, and 1/28 suitable for 5- and 7-beat patterns, allowing for a wider range of beat-making applications.

Besides mutes, solos, accents, and effect send, you can also record motion sequences with which you can create very versatile sequences. It ships with all 352 patterns from the original “ELECTRIBE-R” and “ELECTRIBE-R mkII” as well as those for the ELECTRIBE versions of the iPad and iPhone. So a lot to try

Kaoss Pad

The Kaoss Pad is just as popular with music producers as the microKorg. This is an effect processor that can be operated very expressively with XY pads. This is now also included in digital form in the new Korg Collection 4.

It features 25 unique algorithms ranging from reverbs, delays, modulation effects, chorus, flanger, filter effects, grain shifter, pitch shifters, loopers, and many more. You can tweak each parameter with a wide variety of parameters. As in the hardware, the effects can be used very expressively with the XY and also triggered selectively.

Korg Kaoss Pad

The emulation also comes with the creative vocal processor allowing you to add vocals while playing back samples.  The plugin fully supports the MIDI protocol, so it also receives MIDI CC data. So you can easily control the effects with any midi controller. Especially good if you have one with an XY pad.

First Impression

Nice to see that Korg is continuing his collection. This version has three real surprises on board that were certainly not at the top of many people’s wish lists. I think it’s a pity that the native opsix and wavestate versions didn’t make it into the collection. That would have been a huge step for the bundle. Nonetheless, a good update for the Korg Collection.

Korg Collection 4 is available now for a Black Friday price of $299 USD instead of $399 USD. Individual instruments and effects are available for $99,99 USD. Upgrades start at $99,99 USD.

More information here: Korg 

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  1. I’ve wanted an MS2000 vst, if you combined consciously and unknowingly, for almost 9 years. The MS2000 is legendary for those who know how to program it and the Electribe ER-1 is a legend the second you touch it. One of the best drum machines of all time. Better than the TR-808 and 909. The 80s synths are getting overrated

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