Moog One is now discontinued, says Belgian synth retailer Turnlab

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According to Belgian music instrument retailer Turnlab, Moog has discontinued the Moog One polyphonic analog Synthesizer.

Moog has released many synthesizers in its company history, most of which were monophonic. The last analog polyphonic one is the Moog One from 2018. It was the first Moog polysynth in three decades.

Now, the time seems to have come to say goodbye to the One. According to current information, the Moog One production has been discontinued.

Moog One discontinued

Moog One Discontinued

Moog or inMusic has not yet released an official statement on the discontinuation. The news comes from the Belgian synth retailer TurnLab, who published a message on Facebook shortly before the weekend that the device is being taken off the market

They wrote: “Moog One is now discontinued (EOL)!! Still want one of these beauties? We still have a very limited stock. Order/Contact us now.”

The decision to discontinue the Moog One would make sense. On the one hand, its production is very complex and done in the USA. On the other hand, a new analog polyphonic one, the Muse, is around the corner. There is no release date yet, but it will be coming soon.

Moog One discontinued


  • 8-voice polyphony / 24-oscillator unison mode
  • tri-timbral analog voice engine 
  • three VCOs, two filters, analog dual-noise source, mixer, three DAHDSR envelopes, and four LFOs.
  • hard sync, ring modulation, and FM 
  • state-Variable filter and classic Moog Ladder filter may be used in series or in parallel
  • digital effects per voice, including Eventide reverbs
  • assignable three-axis X/Y pad modulation source
  • Fatar TP-8S keybed with velocity sensitivity and aftertouch

I will update this article if Moog releases the official press on it. 

The last Moog One units are available now at retailers worldwide. 

More information here: Moog Music

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  1. Too many problems with this hardware to keep it maintained without official support. USA seems to have lost ability to build reliable synths. Better buy Arturia or Behringer.

  2. Put a downpayment on a new home instead.
    Overprice, overweight dinosaur.
    Moog is dead and not just Bob.

  3. This makes sense, it was an extremely ambitious contribution to the synth world that was too costly and complex to sustain. But creating patches on this thing is deliriously addictive and there are some definite sweet spots. I will never sell my M1.

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