Superbooth 24: Moog Spectravox, semi-modular analog spectral processor

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Superbooth 24: Moog Spectravox, initially a DIY-only project at Moogfest 2019, is a semi-modular analog spectral processor for Eurorack.

Mother 32, DFAM, and Subharmonicon are Moog’s popular semi-modular 60HP synth trio. In 2019, another instrument made the quartet. That was a sliver box, the Moog Spectravox, which you could only solder exclusively in the MoogFest 2019 VIP workshop back then.

Fast-forward five years. Moog is making this available to the masses. For Superbooth 24, Moog releases the Spectravox in a regular retail version.

Moog Spectravox

Moog Spectravox

Spectravox is a new semi-modular analog spectral processor for Eurorack. It is an analog Synthesizer and a spectral effects processor in one device.

The 60HP size fits perfectly with the other Moog semi-modular trio. The black and wooden parts also seamlessly complement the others. You can use it standalone or mount it in your Eurorack system.

At the core, there is no DSP or super AI-driven code. Spectravox is based on classic analog technology: an advanced 20-band filter bank, a classic analog Moog oscillator, and a white noise generator. 

Spectravox is not just an instrument; it’s a portal into uncharted sonic realms, offering lively drones and colorful tonal sweeps that breathe life into any sound composition.

The filter bank uses an array of bandpass filters to separate the input into multiple components. The Spectravox has 20 bands, sorted into two groups, where the first is a lowpass filter, followed by eight bandpass filters, and a highpass filter in the end position. 

Each band is supported by an independent VCA, allowing you to manually control each filter or animate it with a CV or an envelope follower. 

A Carrier!

The Spectravox requires a carrier to trigger the analog process. Use it with the built-in analog oscillator, which has two shapes (saw/pulse) that can be cross-faded between variable pulse width and white noise. It has a 1v/oct input to control or sequence it with external voltage. 

Then, using the input in the patch bay, you can also process any other Eurorack-level audio signal with the filter bank.

Alternatively, you can connect a microphone (XLR input) and process your voice, turning the Moog Spectravox into a 10-band analog vocoder. The filtering process is shapeable with the spectral shift and resonance knobs.

There is also a built-in triangle LFO wired to the spectral shift with rate and amount control. Plus, you get a decay envelope and a volume control. Another clever feature is the hold function, which freezes the currently generated formant. This gives you vintage vocoder sounds.

Moog Spectravox

I/O Patch Bay

Like the other semi-modular family members, Moog Spectravox also hosts a patch bay on the right side, featuring nine inputs and seven outputs. On the backside, you have a line-level/headphone socket, and a power supply input.

Moog Spectravox First Impression

I’m pleased that the Moog Spectravox is now an official product. The release is great because it’s something fresh from Moog and not another classic synth voice.

Filter banks are a great tool for creating experimental sounds. Here’s more because you can modulate each band individually. The sounds coming from the Spectravox make you want more. I’m looking forward to hearing more demos of it. 

Moog Spectravox is available now worldwide for $599/599€.  Moog will also be at Superbooth this week at booth 0245, where you can explore the new release.

More information here: Moog Music 

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