Focusrite Plugin Collective members get NI Massive and iZotope Ozone Elements for FREE

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Focusrite is giving away to its Plugin Collective members NI Massive Synthesizer and iZotope Ozone Elements for FREE.

With the Plugin Collective, Focusrite constantly offers its registered hardware customers new plugins from various manufacturers for free. There have been a lot of exciting free deals in the past few months.

For the last months of the year, there is another excellent deal for all Plugin Collective members. From today (October 6) to January 12th, 2023, you can download the popular NI Massive Synthesizer and iZotope Ozone Elements for free.

Focusrite Plugin Collective Massive

NI Massive

The first free plugin of the current Plugin Collective event is Massive by Native instruments. It is a well-known wavetable Synthesizer plugin packed with features. It ships over 1300 production-ready sounds all with pre-defined macro controls so you can easily tweak the sounds to your preference.

If you want to design your own sounds from scratch, you can delve into the deep synthesis of Massive. It has three parallel oscillators with 85 wavetables, filters, effects, and various modulations, including LFOs, envelopes, and step modulators. Massive is a synthesizer plugin that should not be missing in any electronic music producer arsenal. Even more so now that it’s available for free.

iZotope Ozone Elements

Then with Ozone Elements, iZotope adds the stripped-down version of its popular mastering software Ozone to the new Plugin Collective bundle. It’s an easy-to-use mastering tool for music producers no matter how much experience you have with mastering.

It features the master assistant that analyzes your track and identifies problem spots. Here you work with an equalizer, an image for stereo field effects, and the maximizer to add loudness to your sounds. The plugin makes it easy to prepare your mixes for radio use and streaming.

NI Komplete Now

On top, you get a free 3-months trial of KOMPLETE NOW, which is typically sold for a monthly price of $9,99 USD. This is Native Instruments subscription giving you different virtual instruments and effects, including Massive X, Replika, Supercharger GT, and more.

A nice gift that Focusrite is giving its registered customers here.

NI Massive and iZotope Ozone Elements are free to download for members of the Focusrite Plugin Collective from October 6th to January 12th (4 pm GMT).

More information here: Focusrite 

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