NANO Modules CAIXA 104, new portable 104HP Eurorack case packed with utilities

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NANO Modules CAIXA 104 is a new portable 104HP Eurorack case packed with clever utilities like a stereo mixer, LFOs, and more.

A modular Synthesizer is often associated with huge walls of modules. Eurorack cases often stack on top of each other. Epic images that will make the modular lover’s eyes shine. But if you want to perform live with modular and travel with it, you have to reduce your set to the most import modules.

Small portable cases are here perfect. These are also helpful for focusing on just a few modules. Less is more. For example, the Intellijel Designs Palette Cases, which is tailored for such setups, is popular in the modular community. This has now got competition from Spain.

Nano Modules Caixa 104

NANO Modules CAIXA 104

Already in summer, the young Spanish developers (Jorge and Claudia) from Nano Modules presented the Caixa 104. A new portable Eurorack case with 104HP and many nifty additions in which really only the most important modules find their place.

The case and the handle are made of leightweight aluminum and has a weighs of only 1.7 kg. Very light for such a compact case and perfect for traveling with.

CAIXA 104 features a built-in power system consisting of a fixed 18-slot busboard with reversed protecton headers and a +30W power supply. Savings are often made on the power supply on such compact systems, so it is noisy or does not have enough power to deliver enough juice even to intensive modules.

That all seems guaranteed here. According to the developer, it’s an efficient and reliable supply which is more than enough to provide plenty of power for a 104HP system and more. It gives you on the 1.25A on the +12V, 1.1 A on the -12V, and 0,5A on the +5V output.

Another important point was also considered here. NANO Modules have made it deep enough so modules with deeper circuits (up to 60mm) also fit in the case.

Nano Modules Caixa 104 backside

Nifty Additions

The real highlight of the CAIXA 104 case are the functions that you normally take up space in module form in the case. You can save yourself these here, the case has built in many helpful utilities. More precisely, it has 7 integrated modules.

On the left, you have a balanced stereo input section with “LED” and knob control over your levels. Then, there is a two 1-to-3 buffered multiples, a precision adder, two LFOs, a sample &hold, 4-channel (2x L/R) stereo mixer, and a stereo & headphone output section.

The stereo input is on a large jack, very good, and the stereo output is available on classic Eurorack jacks and a large 6.3mm jacks.

That’s a sporty number of useful utilities. So you can use the space for the most important things like oscillators, filters, etc. A very tempting portable Eurorack case with a lovely design. I currently uses the 4ms Pod64X as a travel modular case and this would be a nice upgrade for my set.

NANO Modules CAIXA 104 is available now for 649€/$699 USD. There is also a softcase available for 94€/$99 USD.

More information here: NANO Modules

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  1. I think the two things I would have liked to see in this for the price is a MIDI interface – at least an in. Otherwise not bad at all…

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