Nano Modules Quart, Easy-To-Use Quad AD Envelope & LFO Generator Module

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Nano Modules, a young company from Spain has introduced Quart, an easy-to-use quad attack/decay envelope/LFO generator module with 10 HP

Befaco not only makes modular synths in Spain but also Nano Modules from Valencia. This two-man company (boy + girl) offers a range of nice & intuitive modules at an affordable price. With the Quart, they now offer a new easy-to-use envelope generator/LFO module. It has 4 independent functions that can work as LFOs or Attack-Decay Envelopes depending on whether the trigger inputs are connected or not.

So you can freely choose how many of the 4 channels work as an envelope and how many as LFO. If you only need two envelopes, no problem, the other two can be used as LFOs.

Nanomodules Quart

LFO Or Envelope

  • Fast: designed to perform audio range LFO and very snappy envelopes
  • Medium: classic envelope rise & fall and normal LFO rates
  • Slow: convenient for long envolving patches.

Nano Modules Quart

Nano Modules Quart is available now for pre-order for 200€ + shipping. Delivery TBA.

More information here: NM

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