Modal Cobalt8 V2 adds new vintage parameter, filters, and FX

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Modal Electronics has released firmware V2 for the Cobalt8 Synthesizer adding new vintage character, 27 new filters, and new effects.

At the beginning of September, Modal Electronics released a major free update for the Argon8 wavetable polysynth. An update that has corrected many weaknesses (reverb quality, filter…) but has also massively expanded the sound spectrum thanks to new distortions/drives, etc.

Good news for all Cobalt8 users. Modal has just published also a major free firmware V2 update for its extended virtual analog Synthesizer.

Modal Cobalt8 V2

Modal Cobalt8 V2.0

The new features of the Cobtalt8 V2 are very similar, almost the same as in the Argon8 firmware v3. It also introduces new filters, effects, and more.

As in the Argon8, the Cobalt8’s two oscillator blocks now feature a free-run setting and a vintage parameter. It adds more of a vintage character to the oscillators giving them a more organic, imperfect timbre known from vintage synths. Mainly recognizable in a tuning of the synth. It ensures that every key press is slightly different than the one before.

Then, Argon8 V2 also comes with brand-new filters. In total, you can explore 27 new filter types that massively increase the sound design capabilities of the synth. It includes 2-pole state variable filters, various lowpass, bandpass, and highpass ladder filters with drive.

There are also new combinations of traditional filter types with notch characteristics. And all new filter types feature drive and morph control allowing you to customize the filters according to your taste. The filter section also hosts a new cutoff scaling patch parameter with three modes that improve the filter cutoff behavior. A neat addition.

Note-to-cutoff scaling can now track with full accuracy in one of two new modes; Relative, and Bipolar, adjustable on a per-patch basis. In a legacy mode, you can get the original characteristic.

New Effects

fSome have already asked if the Cobalt8 will also get the new effects of the Argon8. The answer is yes. Firmware V2 includes 14 new effects including new drive algorithms, the much better sounding reverb v2, Phaser v2, compressor, three-band EQ, unisoniser, and the handy utility section. The latter includes panning, additional gain, and more.

Further, Modal added new arp directions in the programmable arpeggiator of the Cobalt8 including chord and six new pendulum modes. And there are improvements for the OLED display, audio in quality, the gain staging of the audio output, and more.

I don’t like to repeat myself but the V2 update for the Cobalt8 is just as good as the one for the Argon8. It improves some weaknesses (reverb, output volume…) and significantly expands its engine of it. It’s a very welcome update with which Modal gives its customers a great gift.

Modal Cobalt8 V2 firmware is a free update for existing customers and is available via the MODALapp software.

More information here: Modal Electronics

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