FLAME Teased CURVES – A New 12 Channel Analog Filterbank For Eurorack

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CURVES combines an analogue filterbank and a built-in sequencer in one module.

FLAME introduced today CURVES, a new 12 channel analog filterbank for the Eurorack format. Beside the filterbank, it features also a sequencer described as internal CURVES MIDI Pattern player.

There are currently no information about the feature list. But there are two new videos released with sound demos of the CURVES Filterbank.

Pattern Player Demo

In the first demo, the developer demonstrate the MIDI pattern player, an interesting feature that allows to create very rhythmical filtered sounds.

12-channel analogue Filterbank included Sequencer Patch: Audio Input: Mix of 4VOX “Classic” Wavetable & Doepfer White noise Sequence: internal CURVES Midi Pattern Player Pots from left to right: – Envelope (Attack-Release, Trigger or Gate mode) – Variations (Random of Release lenght and Velocity) – Fill ( add Input to the sequence)

Drone Sound Design Demo

In the second demo, the developer designed a big drone sound using the CURVES Filterbank.

BRAIDS-oscillator pitchmod by LS1 in CURVES in KAMINIEC-Phaser in DEMORA-Delay sequenced with long Steps by Beatstep Pro

Availability & Price: TBA 

More information will follow here: FLAME Instruments 

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