Dnipro qTone, compact dual channel voltage quantizer module

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Dnipro qTone is a new compact 6HP dual-channel voltage quantizer Eurorack module with user-defined scales and hands-on control.

The versatility of a Eurorack modular Synthesizer is enormous. Its output can range from pure chaos, bleeps, and bloops, drones to beautiful melodies. To do the latter, you need a quantizer for your control voltage signals. 

Dnipro Modular has introduced a new dual quantizer with a solid feature set.

Dnipro qTone

Dnipro qTone

qTone is a new dual-channel voltage quantizer. With 6HP, it’s a very compact module with tons of handy Eurorack functionality. 

The module’s main task is to precisely transform any unipolar or bipolar voltage signal ((LFO, random source, sequencer, etc.) into musical content. With a quantizer, you can turn any crazy signal into the most beautiful musical content. A quantizer makes this possible, even with the power of two.

Dnipro added a bank of 16 user-defined scales to the module, which can be easily edited and automatically saved into the EEPROM memory. So your settings also stay after a power on.

Two channels work independently with their own scale or with a common scale. qTone also offers the possibility of setting different parameters for more advanced results.

Glide adds a smooth portamento between quantized notes while offset shifts an input CV up or down. It’s basically an offset before quantizing. Additionally, with transpose, you can shift a scale after quantizing by semitones. All these settings are done via the module’s easy-to-use menu system.

On the connection side, each channel has an input, output, trigger input, and CV input. The latter is freely routable to any parameter in the CV menu. 

First Impression

A scaler is a very important tool for every Eurorack system. It is often built directly into the sequencer or interface. If you don’t have one, the new Dnipro dual quantizer could be very tempting.

Dnipro qTone is available now for $220. 

More information here: Dnipro Modular

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