Access Music Is Working On New Electronic Music Instruments

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It’s hard to believe but Access Music is working on new electronic music instruments according to synth designer Axel Hartmann

In recent weeks, the wild rumor has gone through the media that Behringer will clone the Access Music Virus Synthesizer. This rumor has been denied by Uli Behringer most recently. But interestingly, today there are indications that AM is working on new Synthesizers. Sonicstate has today published a 30-minute interview with Axel Hartmann, where they look back on his career as synth designer and talk about Arturia, Moog, Waldorf and so on.

Gaz Williams, the interviewer, ask also Axel Hartmann about his work at Access Music. In this part, Axel says a sentence that will cause a lot of conservation in the Synthesizer communities: well but the virus I must say it’s just a part of the virus line it’s the TI which I’ve been involved with and there will more things coming, (finally), sometimes maybe not what everybody’s hoping for but something different… ”

Access Music Synthesizer

According to Axel Hartmann, Access Music is working on new products. Whether it will be a new Synthesizer, drum machine or even sampler is not known. Pure speculation currently but what seems to be safe, the company is working on new products for electronic music.

I guess it will be a new synthesizer that will significantly outperform the current Virus lineup, possibly even equipped with FGPA. An instrument that has all sorts of digital synthesis possibilities + samples etc. would be awesome from Access Music, a kind of Quantum competitor.

Or a kind of Serum Synthesizer as hardware, what the current Virus is just further drilled up with power and features. We will see what the company publishes in the future. Very curious to see the final results.


In addition to the information about the new Access Synthesizer, it is also a very nice interface where you get a lot of behind the scenes information from the Synthesizer industry.

More information here: Access

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  1. I do not need clones of vintage synths, that sounds a lot more exciting to me. Access has always tried to be different, and hope the new products are too

    • I think Access will go the software route. A brand new Hardware VA does not really make much sense especially as most people are working completely in the box and with the latest range of AMD and Intel processors facilitating this shift effortlessly.

  2. Thomann’s Access Virus inventory is all gone, as well as the out-of-stock listing too!
    Definitely a sign of incoming new Access products😃

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