Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Synthesizer is shipping now, new interview and sound demo

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Groove Synthesis has started shipping the 3rd Wave hybrid wavetable Synthesizer, along with the release there is a new interview and sound demo

At NAMM 2022, the new company Groove Synthesis surprisingly presented the 3rd Wave. A flagship hybrid wavetable synthesizer that is heavily inspired by the legendary PPG Wave. Digital oscillators with classic analog-style waveforms but also super flexible wavetables paired with analog filters.

If you trust the current pictures from the community, the first 3rd Wave pre-orders have been delivered to the customers. Groove Synthesis also wrote at the beginning of September that they plan to ship it by the end of summer.

NAMM 2022 Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave Shipping

In a Facebook post on September 6th, Groove Synthesis team wrote

The 3rd Wave software is now feature complete. We are in the final stages of testing. We are also selecting and curating the 500 presets for the factory sound set. The first run of hardware is now being assembled and tested. (To reserve a spot on the pre-order list for the second run for later this year, email

We have also entered the final stages of CE certification testing and we expect to be able to make the 3rd Wave available in Europe in the Fall. We are on-target for an end-of-summer delivery and appreciate your continued support as we enter the final stretch.

Features Highlights

The 3rd Wave has a very exciting feature set which makes it considered by many to be the spiritual successor to the PPG Wave. It offers 24 voices, 4-part multitimbrality, and 3 VA or wavetable oscillators per voice with unique Wavemaker™ sample-to-wave technology.

Then you get a 6-stage, loopable wave envelope per oscillator, analog lowpass filter (SSI 2140( per voice (24 analog filters) + digital state variable filter per voice (24 digital filters), two digital effects per part, and tons of modulation. Including four ADSR envelopes and four LFOs per layer/part, and more. Plus, you get an advanced sequencer per part and more. A huge feature with many possibilities.

A highlight is the Wavemaker function, which allows you to design your own wavetables in the hardware. They published a video showing you how it works.


Furthermore, the Youtuber synth4ever met the developers for a detailed interview and also a large sound demo. Here you get a further look behind the scenes of the 3rd Wave development.

Congratulations to the developers. This looks like a fabulous Synthesizer with a lot of possibilities. I’m happy to hear that the development is done and the device can now be handed over to producers worldwide.

Groove Synthesis 3rd Wave is shipping now for an introductory price of $3795 USD. The second batch pre-order is open now and will be shipped at end of the year. Please contact for further information.

More information here: Groove Synthesis 

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