Soundtoys updates its plugins with VST3 and Apple Silicon support

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Soundtoys has finally updated its Effect Rack, and all 21 plugins with VST3 and Apple Silicon support plus launched a 50% OFF upgrade sale.

The plugin format VST3 was not a big issue for developers until 2020. For many, VST2, AU and AAX were standard. With the introduction of the new Apple Silicon systems and Cubase 12, however, that has changed. So in 2021, there was a big VST3 update run. Many developers, big and small, have released free updates.

There were exceptions. For example, Native Instruments has hardly updated any plugins so far, which is very bitter given the number of available plugins. The same has been true for Soundtoys so far, but now there is news that many have been waiting for.

Soundtoys VST3

Soundtoys VST3

It finally happened. It took a long time, but now Soundtoys has also updated its plugins. They published Soundtoys 5.3.8, which includes support for VST3 for both macOS and Windows. macOS can also look forward to native support for Apple Silicon systems. So everyone who has an M1 or M2 chip now can benefit from better performances.

The new versions are currently beta plugins that are available at Soundtoys’ public beta forum. To access the forum and the beta installers, please go to and create an account if you do not already have one.

The developers also say if you don’t need VST3, you should wait until the official release. With no critical bugs fixed or new features added, the release isn’t super important to the group using VST2, AU, or AAX, or no Apple Silicon system.

If you have not yet purchased Soundtoys plug-ins because you are waiting on VST3 support, you can use these public beta versions now using the 30-day trial license. To participate, you need to create an account for the beta. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with the actual Soundtoys account.

Glad to see that the ST plugins are now native with VST3 and Apple Silicon. It took a long time. But better late than never. I’m curious if we will see something new from Soundtoys in the future. There hasn’t been a new release for a long time.

Upgrade Sale

Soundtoys also announced a special 50% OFF upgrade sale. It includes individual plug-in upgrades from previous software versions and the trade-up of individual plug-in licenses to the Soundtoys 5 Bundle with all 21 plugins. The offer ends September 14, 2022.

This offer applies to Soundtoys users with upgrade-eligible products registered to a Soundtoys user account.

More information here: Soundtoys

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  1. Interesting that Soundtoys only actual programming effort for the past FIVE YEARS is a software update to enable them to keep flogging off this dead end suite of products. Weak.

  2. I also don’t understand what they’ve been doing for the last five years. But Soundtoys is one of the few groups of plugins I use on everything, it’s just that good. I hope they do release a real update sometime soon as well.

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