BLEASS Dragonfly, a dynamic tremolo effect with a twist (mac, win, iOS)

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BLEASS Dragonfly, a new dynamic tremolo effect plugin and iOS app that can sound classic and experimental thanks to novel features. 

BLEASS is a young developer company from France that has released many great-sounding iOS apps in recent years. They convinced me from the very first minute, especially because of the clean interface and the sonic capabilities. However, they are not the super experimental effects company.

They are very classic (delay, reverb …) but modernized with features that push the effect forward. Just recently, they made the next step and released their iOS apps as macOS and Windows plugins. The latest plugin release Dragonfly is a new effect that is immediately available for all three platforms.

BLEASS Dragonfly

BLEASS Dragonfly

Dragonfly is not the classic “bread and butter ” tremolo effect you can find in every DAW. It’s a dynamic tremolo with some wild additions. There are three distinct ways of modulating the effect. In manual mode, you can simply set a fixed frequency and apply it to your sound. That’s the more classic approach, the second and third option goes deeper.

You can use the built-in pitch tracking on an input audio track or feed a sidechain input into the plugin. Or you can input MIDI into the effect and the tremolo will tune itself to the notes’ frequencies.

BLEASS added many shaping parameters to the plugin with which you can achieve a wide range of sounds. Including fine (pitch offset), factor (tremolo rate multiplier), smooth (duration of rate variations), stereo (phase difference between L/R channels), A R envelope, mode (simple/wild). The wild mode has a wildness mode that sets the waveshaping strength of it. At the signal chain end, you get gain and dry/wet controls.

Dragonfly looks nice because it takes the classic tremolo effect in new directions. That’s something I really enjoy about BLEASS plugins and iOS apps. You get classic effects but innovatively expanded with features that act as a gate opener to new sounds.

BLEASS Dragonfly is available now for an introductory price of 15€ instead of 29€. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS and Windows. Dragonfly is also available for iOS with AUv3 support for $4.99 USD.

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