Moog hardware Synthesizer prices skyrocket by more than 60%

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Two recent Moog synthesizer prices (Grandmother, Subsequent 25) have skyrocketed by more than 60% in Europe, there are also US price updates

Update 2: The dealers have now also reacted and lowered the price of the Grandmother again to €999

Update: Official statement from Moog:

The ongoing global challenges of material shortages, supply chain limitations, inflation, as well as rising raw goods and shipping costs, have made it necessary to adjust some of our pricing. A price increase is not a decision we take lightly, but one that is needed to ensure we can continue delivering the high-quality products you deserve. 

Thank you for understanding and for being a part of our creative community.

We are currently living in special times that are characterized by many unpleasant topics. On the one hand, there is a chip shortage that has a massive impact on the entire electronics world, including the music industry. Then the prices for resources (wood…) shot up. It is war that causes much suffering, as well as upcoming significant energy price increases.

If that is not enough, there is currently inflation that makes everything more expensive. That all these events will impact the prices of our favorite hobby is no longer news. Many products such as synthesizers, drum machines, Eurorack modules, etc., have already got “minor” adjustments. Moog has also adjusted its prices, and these changes are far from small.

Moog skyrocket prices

Moog Prices Skyrocket

Chip shortage, expensive resources, higher shipping prices, worse euro/dollar exchange rate, war, inflation… all points that caused Moog’s prices to skyrocket, especially outside of the US. Looking at the prices at Thomann or Perfect Circuit, you can clearly see where things are headed.

The price of the Moog Grandmother semi-modular analog Synthesizer has increased from €879 to €1444, which is an increase of 64.28%. WOW, that’s called massive. It’s no less in the US, either. The GM now costs $1249 USD instead of $899 USD, which is more than 38%.

Another example is the Moog Subsequent 25. In Europe, the price was €939+/-. Now you have to spend 53.78% more (1444€). In the US, at Perfect Circuit or Sweetwater, the adjusted price is $1199 USD instead of $849 USD (+41,22%)

The same applies to the DFAM (Drummer From Another Mother) drum Synthesizer. For a long time it was €559 in Europe, now it’s 839€, a 50% price increase. Yes, the new prices really hurt. Who is wondering why the units are listed at the old price in some shops? It’s simple, this is because there are leftovers from previous batches that retailers bought in different conditions. Also, the Subsequent 37 has also gone up from €1454 (July) to 1999€, a 545€ (37%) raise in price.

In the next few months, or even 2023, prices will tend to look up and less down. Unfortunately, this is reality and not a dream. If you now want to buy a Moog or other synthesizer, you have to dig deeper into your pocket in the future. This also applies to cheap synths and music tech devices. Especially the affordable market, which suffers greatly from these problems. Moog won’t be alone in this circle. Sequential, Nord… they’ve all adjusted their prices already.

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  1. And for anyone thinking to scoop up some “cheap” units to sell later, good luck with that. As times get tough demand for luxury items such as synths drop sharply. Your “investment” units will be on the market against regular people who are selling their gear to raise some money to live on.

    • Good luck moog and everyone else surviving this. I’m not sure you will.
      Everybody wants to have the little person pay more. When it’s the global criminals causing it. Its an extortion racket. I’m mo slave to my passion. Music can be dropped like a hat if it means being extorted.

    • Producing it entirely domestically will make it even more expensive than this. But yeah, sure… Blame China. The idiot’s answer to anything. :’)

      • China’s not the problem. Globalization is the problem. Outsource everything and eventually you’ll be left with a hollow nation with no skills and no industry.

  2. Moog’s are produced domestically in the US but a lot the parts are shipped from China to the US. Anyway putting the word Moog on anything adds 20% to the cost.

  3. Have anyone opened a modern Moog it is empty inside and exactly the same thing like Behringer synths, cheap chinese SMT components (matriarch has un shamefully small SMT pcb inside ) the customer pay moog extra price to sustain their Cool Californian corporative benefits at least behringer ask honest price for their synths.
    If you want serious true Made in USA Synths look no further than Studio Electronics the only company that really make synths like in 70/80 hand matched through hole goodness and still cheeper than moog

    • What on earth are you talking about? This fantasy that thru hole or hand made boards somehow sound better or are more reliable than SMT boards is absolutely ludicrous! Thru hole boards are more expensive, thats pretty much the only difference.

    • This. Moog isnt a magical company, it’s just like any other, trying to make money and will cheat you out at any given chance just like this one. There are plenty synth stuff made in the US and Europe and most has to do with eurorack along some other very few and expensive synths. Still at the heart of it there are just chinese components like you’ll find inside Arturia, Novation, Behringer, etc.
      Moog has already taken plenty people for a fool with their marketing lies (company owned my arse) and everything just blew up in their face. Seems Moog isnt impervious to the forces of reality, economics and market rules. I’m very sure Moog owners wish they would have their assembly plant in Vietnam, India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan or Bangladesh. Everyone is woke until they get a hit in the wallet.

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