Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2.5 with Apple Silicon support & new synth plugin coming soon

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Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2.5 with Apple M1 support is out now & they teases a new plugin with Richard Strauss’ opening to 2001

It started with a modular Synthesizer, later many vintage synth emulations were added. The young software company Cherry Audio has quickly become one of the most popular soft synth manufacturers.This is mainly due to their business concept. They offer soft synths and effects for a very fair price. Nothing costs more than 100€, mostly not even more than 50€.

Their flagship is now getting a nice update and a new plugin is coming out next week. It seems the developers at Cherry Audio are big fans of Stanley Kubrick’s 2001 Space Odyssey.

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2.5

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2.5

Cherry Audio has good news for macOS users. Voltage Modular 2.5 is out now and now runs natively on Apple Silicon M1 computers giving a more impressive performance. An update that is very welcome. Then, they also added new features and improvements from which all Windows users and macOS Intel can also benefit.

VM 2.5 adds the ability to favorite a preset directly from the toolbar and you can now directly drop third-party preset collection zip files onto Voltage Modular’s interface. These are automatically added to the preset library.

The developers also improvement the performance and stability throughout the entire software. They promise that Voltage Modular 2.5 is the fasted and most powerful version of VM yet.

New Plugin

Soon there will also be a new plugin from the Cherry’s. In a teaser that is heavily inspired by Stanley Kubrick’s masterpiece 2001 Space Odyssey and its epic Richard Strauss opening, they announced a new plugin with the words: “The Dawn of Rack” for next week.

What does Cherry Audio have in the pipeline? Interestingly, this time the teaser doesn’t give us a clear clue as to what it may be. “The Dawn of the Rack” may indicate a modular synth like the ARP 2500 or Moog Modular but as a standalone plugin. The individual modules already exist for the Voltage Modular environment. That would be logical.

Or should we make the connection to movie title 2001 Space Odyssey? Will it be an ARP Odyssey emulation with polyphony? Difficult to say what it will be. I’m excited to see what CA will conjure up out of its plugin hut this time at an unbeatable price. Stay tuned, I’ll report on it in time.

Cherry Audio Voltage Modular 2.5 is a free update for existing customers. The new CA plugin is coming next week on February 24th, 2022. Cherry Audio also has a sale on its sale including a big discount 60% OFF discount on Polymode plugin, an emulation of the Moog Polymoog Synthesizer.

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  1. So… A monolithic modular?
    You mention ARP 2500 and Odyssey… It’s useful to remember that CA 2600 is the CA version of ARP’s 2600.
    (Of course, the 2500 is most closely associated with Close Encounters, not 2001. The main synthing in 2001 has to do with HAL’s speech…)

  2. If I remember correctly, in 2010, the sequel to 2001, “something wonderful” is the transformation of Jupiter into a new sun by thousands of monoliths. So my guess would be a Jupiter 8, or hopefully 6, maybe…

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