Pocket Drone, Simon The Magpie’s Drone Synthesizer Beehive in super cute

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Pocket Drone: Simon Magpie’s drone Synthesizer Beehive with fewer oscillators/outputs and in super mega cute. 

YouTuber Simon The Magpie is known to many for his very entertaining content about wild DIY projects. He has also been a developer for almost a year. His first products were wild effect pedals with particularly creative concepts

Then the Beehive came out in June this year. A drone Synthesizer with 42 oscillators and multiple outputs. Now his Synthesizer is also available in a smaller size and with fewer oscillators.

Pocket Drone

Pocket Drone

Pocket Drone takes the concept of the Beehive Drone Synth but makes it smaller, and cuter. It’s basically the pocket version the Beehive. It has 12 oscillators divided into four banks of three with a volume control for each back. You cannot shape the oscillators, you can only change the pitch with the knobs. The top row of the oscillators is tuned slightly higher to give you a fuller, wider range says Simon.

Unlike the Beehive, the PD has a stereo output where half the oscillators are on the tip and half on the ring. Here you don’t have individual outputs per bank like on the big brother. Further, it features a power jack and has the option to run smoothly on a 9v battery, perfect for mobile musicians. There is also a very striking on and off switch.

I already found the Beehive drone synth very funny. I think the idea of shrinking it, making it cute, and offering it cheaper is also nice.

Simon The Magpie Pocket Drone is available now for 1800 SEK (+/- 169€).

More information here: Magpiepedals

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