AtomoSynth Mochika X5, new semi-modular Synthesizer with sequencing

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AtomoSynth Mochika X5 is a new hand-made semi-modular Synthesizer with both analog/digital oscillators and with extensive hands-on programmable sequencer.

Faraway Peru is the home of developer Alfredo Aliaga, aka AtomoSynth. He’s a boutique maker who builds his synthesizers by hand. In recent years he has developed many interesting synthesizers at fair prices, such as the KOE M6, Perceptron, etc.

Unlike a large company, AtomoSynth produces in limited quantities, which means that the products disappear from the market relatively quickly. His latest development is the fifth version of its Mochika Synthesizer, called Mochika X5.

Atomosynth Mochika X5

AtomoSynth Mochika X5

Mochika, previously only a desktop Synthesizer, is now also available as an alternative Eurorack version. According to the dev, the new Mochika is made with high-precision SMD technology and assembled by hand, calibrated, and texted in Lima (Peru).

The oscillator section of Mochika X5 consists of a voltage-controlled triangle-core-based oscillator that output either a classic triangle wave or a folded waveform. Yes, besides classic controls (tune, waveform…), it has a built-in voltage controllable wave folder. The analog oscillator is supported by a digital square wave oscillator (DCO).

Then, you can shape the sound with an analog vactrol filter with switchable lowpass and high pass. You can control it either with cutoff, peak, and EQ pots or via voltage control. Modulation side, you get LFO (low-frequency oscillator) with square and triangle waveforms. It is fully controllable with voltage. There is also an ADSR envelope generator.

Atomosynth Mochika X5

So far, the Mochika synthesizers all had a built-in hands-on sequencer. This is also continued in the Mochika X5 and even more extensively. It is a 16-step sequencer with a wide range of features.

You get 8 parameters that you can set per step. It includes classic step on/off, pitch, and gate time but also more unique ones. So you activate repetition, retrigger (ratchet) as well as probability. Plus, you can use it to modulate parameters using it as a CV sequencer (CV2, random/CV3).

Further, it has 8 different play modes: forward/reverse sequence, alternate, random, drunk, drone, step-trigger polyrhythm, one shot, and midi control. And very handy, you can also store 34 patterns in the internal memory. The sequencer is programmable via a new high-contrast OLED display and 8 rotary push encoders.

It also includes an internal clock, synchronizable with an external clock and a MIDI clock. If I haven’t already said it: Mochika X5 is a semi-modular synth and hosts a 16-point patch bay with 7 inputs and 9 outputs.

Mochika X5 is available as a desktop and Eurorack module. If you buy the desktop version, you get a metal enclosure 197mm (W), 217mm (D), 70mm (H) with a 15V power supply. And, of course, you can remove the synth from it and put it in a Eurorack case.

Another lovely semi-modular Synthesizer from AtomoSynth. The heart here is not so much the sound engine but the internal sequencer, which has evolved impressively. If you want a semi-modular experience, not of the pegg, AtomoSynth is the place for you.

AtomoSynth Mochika X5 is available now in two versions. The desktop is available for $449 USD, and the Eurorack version is for $349 USD. It includes free worldwide shipping by DHL Express. Since the instrument comes from Peru, you need to add import taxes… on the price.

More information here: AtomoSynth

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