Atom Hub releases 7 free unique virtual instruments for Kontakt full version

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Sound designer Atom Hub has published 7 free virtual instruments packed with unusual sounds for Kontakt 5/6 full version. 

Even though many music producers strongly criticize Native Instruments for their current update policy (VST3, M1 support…), it has to be said that no company has gotten past their Kontakt sampler. Especially when it comes to thrid party content.

If you are the owner of the Kontakt plugin, a massive world of new sounds is open to you, from small sound designers to the big players. A website that specializes in small developers is Loot Audio. Here they can sell their virtual instruments (Kontakt full libraries) in no time. A nice example is the developer Atom Hub, which offers very unusual libraries for little money.

Atom Hub free Kontakt libraries

Atom Hub Free Kontakt Libraries

Today Atom Hub released 7 free libraries that Kontakt 5/6 full users should not miss.

Cryptar Free is a Kontakt library with 11 NKI patches that outputs sounds with a kind of guitar/piano/stringy character with omnipresent sound defects. Its core uses acoustic guitar samples with 3 fake round robins that are manipulated differently.

Candlestick Free ships with 21 NKI patches featuring metal and wooden parts sampled from a Candlestick and deeply processed. The sample content has five different round-robin layers.

Gnat Shepherd Free is another virtual instrument that consists of sounds of the best-known Vuvuzela. Yes, the instrument that drove us crazy at the 2020 World Cup. This is now available as a little Kontakt instrument. It comes with a single NKI file and is described as an Arabian-sounding whistle instrument. You can shape the sound with an EQ, flanger, phaser, reverb, delay, drive, and stereo controls.

Atom Hub free kontakt

From Birds, Barking To Sonic Cooking Pots

Then, Cuckoo Clay Bird Free is a Kontakt instrument based on sounds sampled from a Cuckoo who accompanied the sound designer through his life in Romania. You get 12 NKI patches with nicely tuned flute/ocarina-like sounds and tones that sound like an organ.

Mr. Pot Free is a virtual instrument featuring sampled sounds from a 25cm steel pot. The sound designer played it, knocked it, and tapped it with palms, fingertips, and knuckles on all its parts. The instrument has 10x round robins and comes with 10 NKI patches.

Barking Buddy – Free is a tuned “animal” instrument that contains barking of two or three four-legged buddies, wolf-dogs, who live behind the garage of Atom Hub’s father-in-law. The library has 14 NKI patches and comes with both the original and tuned version. There are single, double, and triple barks, and the instrument has 3 round robin layers.

And last but not least, we have Empty Playground Free, a percussive virtual instrument/library that features sounds from a park in Piestany, a famous Slovak spa town. It features a single NKI file packed with different sounds. Interesting, the samples were recorded in winy weather so they are not super clean. The instrument has 5 round robin layers.

If you’re looking for new free instruments for the Kontakt sampler and you would like to explore new timbres, these could be the right libraries.


The 7 new mini Atom Hub Kontakt libraries are available now as a free download from the Loot Audio website. You need a free user account at Loot Audio to be able to download the libraries. They require either the full version of Kontakt 5 or Kontakt 6. No support for the Kontakt Player version.

More information here: Loot Audio

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