Behringer Edge ready for pre-order and where are the other announcements?

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Thomann lists the Behringer Edge for pre-order with a shipping date TBA, and where are the other announcements from the past few months?

Update: Thomann removed the pre-order option for the Edge

The big Behringer celebration was between late February and mid-April 2022. New synthesizers were announced almost daily. The Mini Series, the Model 15 (Moog Grandmother clone), RSF Kobol, etc. Have you noticed anything since then? Yes, it was very quiet, almost unusually quiet around Behringer. No big news, they almost exclusively shared customer videos about their products.

Today there is news that should be treated with caution. Thomann is listing the Behringer Edge for pre-order for €229. However, with the reference: available in several months.

Behringer Edge pre-order

Behringer Edge Pre-Order

So there’s a little sign of life from the Behringer Edge. It can be pre-ordered but without exact delivery date. As a reminder: the Behringer Edge is a clone of the Moog DFAM in pink.

Like the available original in black, Edge is a semi-modular analog percussion Synthesizer with two analog VCOs with pulse and triangle waves, oscillator sync, and FM options. There’s pink and white noise, a decay envelope, a filter with lowpass and highpass modes, and its own decay and envelope amount.

You can trigger both oscillators with the built-in dual 8-step sequencers, where one manages the pitches and another the velocities. You can program each sequencer with 8 knobs and select whether the oscillator responds to pitch or not. On the top, you have a 15×10 matrix where you can patch your sounds or integrate them into any Eurorack synth setup. Unlike the original, it can’t be mounted in a Eurorack case.

Most of the Edge is a replica/clone of the Moog DFAM from 2018, but Behringer made slight modifications to the connectivity. They expanded it with MIDI and USB, including a MIDI clock and a clock divider/multiplier. At least that’s a good extension.

As already mentioned, this pre-order should be viewed with caution. Since Thomann did not communicate how long it will take, it may take several months for delivery to begin. Months could be 2, 3, or even 6 months. It’s hard to say whether it will be released in 2022 or 2023. Because we are talking about deliveries, we also have to ask where the other synths are.

Behringer where are the other announcements?

And Where Are The Other 2022 Announcements?

At the same time, one has to ask where the other announcements from the wave from February to April are. These were announced with great fanfare on social media almost 6 months ago but have not yet been delivered. According to Behringer, many of these products were fully developed and ready for production. However, as early as February-April, they lacked the chips to mass-produce the devices.

As we all know, the situation of chips, microcontrollers, raw materials, etc., has not improved in recent months but has deteriorated massively. As a result, many producers have problems developing and delivering new products to their customers. Companies like Future Retro or WMD recently failed and will close their business soon. The fact that Behringer has been following a 0% news strategy regarding the new announcements for months indicates that this situation also has a massive impact on their business.

It is all the more difficult for them because they try to offer its synthesizers, drum machines, Eurorack modules… at unbeatable prices. That means the production, logistic… has to be calculated down to the last detail. So the current utopic chip prices are a no-go. And the quantities they need at reasonable prices are simply unavailable these days. I’m pretty sure this will not improve shortly, maybe even become worse.

I have little hope that we will be able to welcome new synthesizer releases from Behringer in our studios this year. The chip shortage has a massive impact on all developers, whether music, consumer electronics, kitchen appliances, car industry…

Behringer Edge will be available for 229€. Shipping TBA.

More information here: Behringer 

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  1. Thomann have now marked it as unavailable, a mistake in the back office.
    There is alot of upward pressures on the Behringer business model from microprocessor chips, brittle supply chain, a new factory, increased energy costs, and developing a free DAW. I hope they focus on one poly synth and get it to market this year. The first thing Steve Jobs did on his return, was to simplify the Apple product line…

      • Typical copy/paste comment about Behringer. And – Rob didn’t compare them to Apple, he offered them a strategic suggestion regarding the amount of products they sell.

        • Sorry but it’s what B🐑ringer does. I’ll tell you a funny thing though, I bought an analog mixer from them (copied from a British one from the 70s if I remember well) that had an option that I couldn’t find in any other product on the market. Yeah, I know…

  2. All controls of the DFAM… You should think that for a demo video they tweak the best possible sound out of their gear…but the sounds is so weak, if this is all you get out of it….. total product fail
    Nothing like the ground shaking bass of the DFAM

    • This should be obvious but… A moog synth doesn’t automatically make your music good, interesting, or impressive. Drum synths are just oscillators, filters, VCAs, and envelopes. Moog doesn’t sell those individually because people would build their own m32, mavis, DFAM, Taurus, etc. using the same parts. But you’ll buy their next $700 desktop voice! This new desktop moog has…. a second VCO! :O

      Handbuilt in the USA by underpaid employees! Yep, moog was paying their workers so little that they started a Union! Not to mention they recently settled with a former worker for gender discrimination. Also, minorities were laid off at a higher rate. Didn’t see that article on Synth Anatomy. Or Sonic state. But you can google it.

      Anyways, evil Behringer clone!!

      • Not my focus on social/political topics, sorry otherwise, I need to investigate on Behringer employees as well… and there is enough to read on job portals about this.

        • Behringer closed down their warehouse in Vegas at the beginning of the year. Everybody working there was let go. This caused massive delays on warranty repairs and parts.

  3. tbh, after Job’s died so did Apples product strategy. Apple has gone downhill; they used to be my happy place.

    800lb gorilla’s copying other products is a tried and true business model everywhere else. get over it. its not going away. why don’t you concentrate your angst on climate change. THATS a real issue.

    • Isn’t the manufacturing and purchasing of cheap electronic items contributing to climate change?
      I have a few Behringer synths (I genuinely love the Neutron) and far too many Korg Volcas so there’s no bias from me.
      However, I do believe sometimes I’m buying things for want rather than need. The compulsion to try something shiny and new. This has to stop. It is driving climate change.
      Now if I want to try something out for the fun of it I’ll buy it second hand.

  4. Why do websites like this continue to give press to B🐑ringer? They are known to rip off other companies. Please hold them accountable and stop sharing their news. They should be blacklisted.

    • because I want to serve all sides of the B-Storm (pro/contra) and not just one side. That’s called being open-minded. Since I write articles for a wide readership, all my readers can’t always agree with my output. If a topic doesn’t fit, you can use the ingenious scroller on your mouse or swipe feature on your smartphone and move on. There is a lot of news and probably news that you prefer to read. Unfortunately, I do not offer an à la carte service

    • “They should be blacklisted.”

      Maybe you should start your own website and run your blacklist there.

  5. As long as synthanaTOMy writes the news in own words an doesn’t copy the B* announcements it’s perfectly fine with me. If the gear is a rip-off of existing equipment, it’s always mentioned in the articles so far – read above as example. Please, Tom, keep on this tradition.

    That this website informs aboout availability does not imply you have to buy it – you can blacklist B* in your mind and/or studio – that’s your choice.

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