G-Storm Electro T2K-VCF, filter module based on the obscure Powertran Transcendent 2000

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G-Storm Electro T2K-VCF is a new Eurorack filter module based on the obscure Powertran Transcended 2000 monophonic Synthesizer from the ’70s. 

Synthesizers like the Roland MS-101, Korg MS-20, Sequential Pro-1… everyone knows them. These are popular monophonic analog synthesizers from the past. But many others were never really known. For example, the Powertran Transcendent 2000 by the English Synthesizer developer Tim Orr.

Tim Orr developed a monophonic synthesizer in the 70s that you could only buy as a kit to build yourself at home. The Powertran Transcendent 2000 had classic saw/pulse plus noise waveforms with a particularly sounding lowpass/highpass filter, especially at high resonance settings. G-Storm Electro, known for more special replicas of old synth circuits, has now revived this filter as a module.

G-Storm Electro T2K-VCF

G-Storm Electro T2K-VCF

T2K-VCF is an 8HP analog filter adaptation of the obscure 70s monosynth Powertran Transcendent 2000. It is based on a 2-pole CA3080 TOA design with a CA3140 op-amp compensation at each stage. More precisely, this design prevents the bass from losing frequencies even with high/extreme resonance settings.

Like the original, the module gives you switchable lowpass and bandpass filter modes. It can be controlled using the cutoff frequency and resonance controls. The resonance will self-oscillate and process a nice sine wave alone, promises the developer. Further, he says the T2K-VCF will fatten up classic oscillators. So it transforms “boring” square/pulse and straight ramps into curvy vixens dressed to kill. Especially wave folded material sounds great, writes the developer.

The T2K-VCF offers two inputs (in1/in2), each controllable with a dedicated mix potentiometer. There are also two different frequency modulation pots. KB modulates the cutoff frequency with V/oct signals or any other polar/bi-polar modulation sides. The second input, the CV, is another freq mod with a greater range than the KB input. And the last jack on the right side outputs the signal.

Nice to see that filter modules are also coming onto the market that replicates the sound of obscure synthesizers like the Transcendent 2000. Something different than the classic Moogs, Rolands, etc.

G-Storm Electro T2K-VCF is available now for 152,64€ incl. VAT + shipping.

More information here: G-Storm Electro 

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