Sunny Synths releases a software editor and librarian for the UDO Super 6 Synthesizer

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Sunny Synths releases a software editor and librarian for the mighty UDO Super 6 Hybrid Synthesizer made for supporting you in the workflow.

The UDO Audio Super 6 from developer George Hearn is one of the most exciting Synthesizer releases of recent years. It combines modern FPGA-based digital synthesis with classic analog technology in a beautifully vintage-looking synth. Only recently there was an exciting firmware update with MPE support, binaural PWM, etc.

Now there is a big editor for the UDO Audio Super 6. Not by Momo Müller but by Sunny Synths.

Sunny Synths UDO Super 6

Sunny Synths UDO Super 6 Editor

The new Sunny Synths product release is a bi-directional software editor for the UDO Super 6 hybrid Synthesizer. This means when you modify a parameter on the panel modifies it on the synth and vice versa (for CC/NRPN parameters only). According to the developer, the objective of this new editor and librarian is to support you in your workflow with the Super 6.

The benefit of this editor and librarian is simple. It will bring you the visibility of the saved and actual values of parameters, including all modulations, and a direct access to the parameters, including the “Shift” ones. Then, each program can have additional information (author, description, use documented)… which can be saved and recalled automatically later on.

It ships with a bank manager that allows you to arrange your programs in different banks of 128 programs and to organize them as you want without requiring you to care about slot names, etc. Functions like move, copy, swap are also available. You can also visualize and copy DDS1/LFO1 waveforms from one program to another.

Sunny Synth’s editor for the UDO Super 6 also has a wave manager that allows you to visualize all the Super 6 waveforms present in the synth and on your computer. It is compatible with the DDS1, LFO1, or any waveform slot. There is an option to read the .wav files and to convert them to the .ws6 file format.

 Sunny Synths UDO Super 6

Important, the editor doesn’t work perfectly as it should.

Due to status of the Super 6 firmware and its Midi implementation (v0.52) the editor will not fully work as it would in an ideal world.
For example, there is no direct access via sysex messages to the Edit buffer which is preventing some direct audible feedback when changing waveforms.

To solve this, the A1-P1 program is used as “buffer” for some operations. Another example is that there is no direct access to the individual modulation slots through CC/NRPN messages which is preventing automation of several modulation amounts at once.

At this stage there is also no Save program function from the panel due to the lack of documentation and detailed information on the individual parameters way of working towards the patch file but this is worked on and is the top priority for the next version.

A nice, comprehensive editor and librarian for the UDO Super 6. It’s a pity that it doesn’t work completely, but I think it will get better with new firmware updates

Sunny Synths Super 6 editor is available now for 35€. It runs as a standalone application + VST/AU plugin on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Sunny Synths 

UDO Super 6 is available at my partners

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  1. Or UDO could have implemented a screen and a more user friendly user interface to avoid having to connect to a computer/another device for editing. Yet, UDO insists that they wanted the user to be able to get away from a screen…..


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