Cherry Audio has split its Minimoog emulation Miniverse into Voltage Modular modules

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Cherry Audio has split its Minimoog emulation plugin Miniverse into 14 new Voltage Modular modules giving you a modular Minimoog Synthesizer.

Recently Cherry Audio released a solid Minimoog emulation called Miniverse. A very feature-accurate to the original version with added polyphony, MPE, and more.

With its Voltage Modular, the company has a big virtual modular Synthesizer environment in their portfolio. So it’s no wonder that the Miniverse is now also available in a module collection.

Cherry Audio Miniverse Module Collection

Cherry Audio Miniverse Module Collection

This release is simply explained. Cherry Audio took its Miniverse synthesizer and packed the individual building blocks into 14 new modules. They expanded them with inputs and outputs, which you can integrate into the modular world of Voltage Modular.

So you get a more powerful and versatile Synthesizer because you can combine the elements of the Miniverse with other modules. In the case, you only use these modules, you get a modular Minimoog for the Voltage Modular, which is also definitely more than just a classic Mini emulation.

The Miniverse Modules

  • oscillator and poly Miniverse oscillator
  • filter and poly filter Miniverse filter with 24dB/oct lowpass filter based on the famous transistor ladder filter.
  • glide and poly Miniverse glide
  • mixer and poly Miniverse mixer are four-channel mixers, usable with audio or CV signals.
  • contour and poly Miniverse contour  are ADS envelope generators used to dynamically shape note volume, filter cutoff, or any other voltage-controlled mod destination.
  • noise
  • VCA and poly Miniverse VCA replicate the unique mojo of the original Minimoog circuit. They are usable with audio or CV signals.
  • A-440 module replicates the Mini’s unique tuning reference oscillator circuit.

I find it a bit unfortunate that Cherry Audio sells both products separately. I prefer the concept of Softube where you get the plugin as well as the modules together. The plugins can be more expensive then, but you have everything together in one package.

The Cherry Audio Miniverse Module Collection is available exclusively from the Cherry Audio store for an introductory price of $39 USD ($59 USD). A 50% discount from the $39 price is available for customers who previously purchased the Miniverse instrument. It is compatible with the free Voltage Modular Nucleus Edition and with the full version. A free seven-day demo of Miniverse Module Collection is available on the website.

More information here: Cherry Audio

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    • in this case you can build up your own synth with the basic sound of the minimode. You need one further oscillator? One klick and you got it. You need further envelopes, LFOs or any other modulation, filters etc.? With a few klicks you got them all. So you can create your own instrument with modules from the minimode. Even polyphonie is only one click away! Thats awesome!

    • Yup!
      Modular is supposed to be a money pit where the grass is always greener.
      These affordable software modular options which are significantly better for the environment yet sound almost as good are just plain fake.

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