Amazon Prime Day 2022 Music Tech Deals

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Summary of the best music tech deals (synthesizers, drum machines, audio interfaces, MIDI controllers…) for Amazon Prime Day 2022

The days of good deals are usually at the end of November with Black Friday and Cyber Monday. These days also happen every year in summer. That is when Amazon invites you to its yearly Prime Day sale event.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 started today. In addition to a lot of household technology, smartphones, notebooks, etc, you can also save on music tech gear.

Amazon Prime Day 2022 Music Tech Deals

Best Amazon Prime Day Music Tech Deals

The selection for Prime Day is not as huge as for Black Friday/Cyber Monday, but there is again a good number of music tech deals that may be of interest to you. I’m currently only concentrating on the deals at because I live in Austria on one side and the deals on the other Amazon sites are relatively the same. does not have a Prime Day Sale online at the time of writing this article. You won’t find all the deals from Prime Day 2022 here, only those that I think are the most interesting. For example, you can save 20% OFF on the Novation Circuit Rhythm or almost half off (46% OFF) on the Akai Pro APC40 MKII MIDI controller for 201,68€.

ProductDiscountSynth, MIDI...Link
Novation Circuit Rhythm20%
Novation MK3 Launchkey Mini20% OFFMIDI
Novation Launchpad14% OFFMIDI
Focusrite Scarlett Studio Solo 3rd Gen 20% OFFAudio
Focusrite Scarlett Studio 2i2 3rd Gen 18% OFFAudio
Novation Launchkey 6119% OFFMIDI
Focusrite iTrack Solo Lightning19% OFFAudio
Novation Launchkey 4916% OFFMIDI
Teenage Engineering M-1 Foldable Headphone15%
Teenage Engineering PO-128 Mega Man Pocket Operator15%
M-Audio Uber Mic USB Microphone24% OFFUSB
Blackstar BA203010 Foldable Portable Piano 88 Keys25% OFFMIDI
Alesis V61 MKII and M-Audio HDH40 19% OFFMIDI
M-Audio Air192x4 20% OFFAudio
M-Audio Oxygen Pro 2519% OFFMIDI
Laney Amplifiers 20% OFF (Up To)
Donner Professional Mini DMK2520% OFFMIDI
AKAI Professional APC40 MKII46% OFFMIDI
Valeton GP-200 Guitar Bass Effect Pedal20%
Valeton GP-100VT Guitar Effect Pedal20%
Valeton GP-100 Guitar Effects Pedal 20%

Amazon Prime Day 2022 deals are available until 13 July 23:59 (CET).

More information here:

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    • I live in Europe and when I made the article, Amazon Prime Day has not started yet. We have different timezones. Just checked Amazon US and I don’t see any major music tech deal sorry. #notafail

  1. Actually (regarding elwyn’s misjudgment on whether your post failed), most this minimal set of items – excluding Laney and a couple of others, but including the Focusrite/Novation stuff – was available for a while at, once the time was right in the US.

    What’s appalling is how little of value was available at reduced prices, let alone interesting ones – across categories – from this formerly formidable retail monster.

    Now, provided one wishes to endure a truly wretched shopping experience, one finds primarily rafts of near-future rubbish. It’s all listed multiple times under computer-generated company names, for your inconvenience, and gets shown to you whether or not you ask to see it.

    On the positive side, your trash gets delivered quickly and it may even be returnable, if you realize your mistake soon after it arrives.

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