Soundmorph Wave Warper 2, a granular and wavetable synth for moving sounds

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Soundmorph Wave Warper from 2013 gets a successor with version 2, now as a plugin with a mighty 8-layer morphing granular/wavetable engine. 

In 2013 the then young company Soundmorph released the Wave Warper, a standalone application with which you could build all kinds of slow and fast-moving sounds from scratch. Including whooshes, passbys, morphed sounds…

Besides the lack of a plugin version, the interface was one of the weaknesses of the Wave Warper software. Not a smooth workflow, difficult to use in places… It’s been 9 years since the releases. A software that many probably don’t remember anymore. But dead live longer, as they like to say. We welcome Wave Warper 2, a complete remake with major new features, and more.

It didn’t offer a smooth workflow and was difficult to use in places. It’s been 9 years since the release. A software that many probably don’t remember anymore. But the dead live longer, as they like to say.

Soundmorph Wave Warper 2

Soundmorph Wave Warper 2

Wave Warper 2 follows the first version and focuses on extravagant moving sounds like whoosh, textures, etc. However, the engine has grown massively compared to WW 1. It starts with the fact that it is no longer a standalone application but a plugin for macOS and Windows.

The plugin now has a rich multi-layer sound engine featuring both granular synthesis with samples and wavetable/noise synthesis. You get 8 triggerable sound emitters aka layers that can hold either a granular sample or a morphable wavetable/noise oscillator. Both engines can be shaped in different directions. In the granular engine, for example, you can change the position, interval, length, and pith. There is also a classic filter, and more.

Then, you can also expand the shaping capabilities to the morphing domain, matching the company name Soundmorph, using the XY pad’s advanced movement algorithm, complex step sequencer, various MIDI information, and more. The sound engine can be triggered in three ways: either with a loop, MIDI, or the sequencer.

Soundmorph Wave Warper 2

Wave Warper 2 also offers some more special features including a binaural audio panning perfect for exploring binaural spheres, envelope followers, or a randomizable sample folder allocation. Sounds like a very wild feature.

According to Soundmorph, they also have built-in a new internal bus routing system as well as versatile internal modulation options including LFO, envelope followers, step sequencers, and more. Lastly, there is also a reverb processor with damp, size, width, and mix controls.

Soundmorph has also given the second version a new GUI that is much more inviting and easier to use. Not difficult if you remember the WW 1 GUI, it was very cryptic and difficult to use.


It’s nice to see that the Wave Warper from 2013 is getting a successor. However, the question is how much new and innovative it is compared to other synthesizer plugins with granular and wavetable like Arturia Pigments, UVI Falcon 2… A test can only show that.

Soundmorph Wave Warper 2 is available now for 119€/$149 USD. It runs as a VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The plugin does not yet run natively on Apple Silicon (M1, M2) Apple computers, but this version should follow in the next few months, says the developers.

More information here: Soundmorph

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