DEAL: save 24% OFF ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard wave morphing synth

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DEAL: for a limited time, you can buy the ASM Hydrasynth wave morphing Synthesizer with a 24% OFF discount for 1099€ instead of 1456,10€ 

There have been good deals on ASM Hydrasynths over the past few months. The last deal was at the end of November during Black Friday/Christmas time. However, these deals were previously only available in the US.

Today, I also have good news for people from Europe. You can buy the ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard Synthesizer for 1099€ instead of 1456,10€. That’s a 24% OFF discount.

Deal ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

Deal ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard

The discount refers to the last regular price at the major European retailers: Thomann and Musicstore. As of 2024, the Hydrasynth European RRP is 1599€ for the synth, but it was quickly dropped to 1456,10€.

With this special deal, you can get the ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard for 1099€, a 24% discount compared to the last price. 31,27% compared to the RRP. For me, this is an excellent price on this powerful and expressive synthesizer.

The ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard is an 8-voice polyphonic Synthesizer with three oscillators featuring wave-scanning and four mutators per voice, allowing FM, multi-type PWM, harmonic-scanning, and more. It also has over 200 built-in waveforms, ring modulation, and more

Then, it has two multi-type filters per voice with parallel and series configurations, five looping DAHDSR envelopes, five complex LFOs, and built-in effects (delay, reverb, and modulation FXs). There is also a 

A highlight of the synth is its operation. On one side, you get a polyphonic aftertouch keybed, giving you a new way to articulate sounds. Also powerful as a MIDI controller for other synths. Conversely, it bears a large ribbon controller for expressive performance control. 

Also, patch design is very intuitive. Besides the five screens, you have a button-based engine matrix on the right side. Instead of boring menu diving, you can go straight to specific engine sections using these buttons.

Further, it also has CV/gate I/O on the top panel for easy integration into modular synth workflows. Here is a sound demo from Jexus that impressively shows what is possible with the Hydrasynth engine.

First Impression

1099€ is a very good price, and I’m already considering buying one. I’ve been interested in it for a long time because of the engine and polyAT keyboard.  But so war it was a bit too pricey for my budget. But now it’s very tempting. 

ASM Hydrasynth Keyboard is available now for 1099€ instead of 1456,10€ ((24% OFF) for a limited time. 

More information here: Ashun Sound Machines

Available at Thomann (partner)

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  1. Paid $1899 Canadian for mine and now they’re $1999.
    1099E is an unbelievable price for a fabulous synth with an incredible poly aftertouch keyboard and a giant ribbon controller that can do almost anything, even scan through wavetables!

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