Dreadbox Raindrops, new stereo digital delay with pitch shifting and reverb

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Dreadbox Raindrops initially announced at NAMM 2022, is a new stereo digital delay with built-in pitch shifting and lush reverb modes. 

NAMM 2022 took place in Anaheim in June this year. On-site, the Greek Synthesizer company Dreadbox announced some new tempting pedals. One of them is the Raindrops stereo delay that will be released in September.

Dreadbox published detailed information about the pedal which were not yet available at NAMM.

Dreadbox Raindrops

Dreadbox Raindrops

Raindrops is a new stereo delay that packs a lot of functionality into a compact pedal. Dreadbox describes it as a hybrid delay, pitch shifter, and reverb pedal. It can do that thanks to its interesting circuitry. It has a hybrid circuit consisting of multiple delay stages and different chips for each effect.

The interface is super straightforward and only has a few control options. The largest control is the time knob that sets the overall delay time that ranges between 50 ms and 1 second with an additional tap tempo. Then, you have a mix knob that adjusts the dry/wet balance of the effect.

Feedback sets the number of repeats and the last is the mysterious control knob. Ok, not mysterious but depending on which algorithm you have chosen, the function of the knob changes. There is also a mode switch that allows you to set the delay to modulated delay, pitch shift delay, or large lush reverb.

Further, it also has a preset memory for each of the algorithms. With the long press on the shift switch, you can reach the switch controls. Here, you can find functions including effect gain, post feedback, lowpass filter, and tap divisions.

Dreadbox Raindrops


On the backside, you have stereo inputs/outputs and a power supply input. So it not only works great with guitars but also with synthesizers.

According to Dreadbox, the pedal range from simple short echos, to long, dirty, and lo-fi delays and from simple pitch shifting bursts to extensively lasting reverbs.

An exciting new pedal from Dreadbox. For me the most exciting so far from the new wave of colorful pedals. On the one hand, it is stereo and on the other, it offers a lot of functionality (3 modes…) in a small footprint.

Dreadbox Raindrops will be available in September for 229€ (incl. VAT).

More information here: Dreadbox 

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  1. Sweet warm sounding pedal. The Reverb together with the delay makes me feel home in the “the hazy horizon”…very cosy(?)
    Love it!

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