Knobotron for Moog Mavis, pimp it with tactile UV reactive knob rings

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Uwyn’s fabulously tactile UV reactive knobs rings Knobotron that gives you a one-finger turning action on your synths are now available for the new Moog Mavis

Already several times I reported about the Knobotron rings from Uwyn. These are colorful tactile UV reactive rings that you rub over classic synth knobs. Once done, your synths will glow in the dark like never before.

Not only do they change the design of your synths, but they also give them a unique one-finger action that improves the playability of many synths. These are also perfect for highlighting features that you use a lot. Uwyn recently released a Knobotron pack for the new Moog Mavis Synthesizer.

Moog Mavis Knobotron

Knobotron for Moog Mavis

The new Moog Mavis is a pseudo-DIY semi-modular patchable analog Synthesizer that offers a lot, is very beginner-friendly, and is inexpensive. If you don’t like Mavis’ mini pots, you can now upgrade their playability with Knobotrons for little money.

As I already said, the Knobotron gives you a unique one-finger action. This is mainly achieved by the built-in tactile pointer that indicates the current position and allows single-finger tweaking. The Knobotrons are not universal and not compatible with all your synths. They come in packs assembled for specific synths and are 3D printed.

The developer uses high-quality Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo Bio-PLA and industrial-strength 3D printers to make them. Very nice to see that you can now also get Knobotron for the Mavis.

Moog Mavis First Look

The Uwyn Knobotron pack for the Moog Mavis is available now for $11 USD in either orange/green neon or pink/yellow neon.

More information here: Uwyn

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