Uwyn releases open-source MPE MIDI tape recorder for macOS and iOS

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Geert Bevin aka Uwyn has published a free, open-source MIDI tape recorder for macOS and iOS with an effortlessly record/play workflow. 

Merry Christmas everyone. Hope you had wonderful, cozy holidays so far. I didn’t want to publish an article today, but I have to share this news with you.

Geert Bevin, the developer of the fabulous Moog apps (Model D, Model 15, Animoog Z …) has published his own app during Christmas weekend.

Uwyn MIDI Tape Recorder

Uwyn MIDI Tape Recorder

MIDI Tape Recorder is a free AUv3 plugin app (iOS/macOS) that implements the simple and intuitive audio tape recorder concept in the MIDI world. The major difference to a classic DAW is the recording accuracy. It records your performance exactly as you play it. Just like an audio recorder, accurately reproducing every nuance of your performance. Without timing issues known from modern DAWs.

MTR features four independent tracks for recording MIDI channel voice messages with optional per-track record enable, input monitoring, and mute. No MIDI note editing, no quantization, no individual CC tweaking… it’s a pure, precise MIDI recorder with MPE support. You get an overview of all MIDI data (active recorded notes…) in real-time with the display.

Even if it is a pure MIDI recorder without MIDI CC, the range of features is huge. These mainly focus on performances:

  • multi-level undo and redo
  • overdub recording
  • punch in and punch out recording for automated regional overdubbing
  • MIDI file import and export for the project or each individual track
  • repeated playback with start and stop locators
  • AUv3 parameters for all controls
  • snap to beat option for positioning playhead and start/stop locators
  • detection of MPE configuration message (MCM) reception for each track
  • crop session to new duration

Further, you get automated storage and recall of all recordings inside the AUv3 host project. A very handy functionality if you work a lot with AUv3 plugins. Functions like host transport, host tempo sync, clear function (all or single track)… are also onboard. There are also four virtual MIDI cables available if your AUv3 host supports it and an option to route the first cable to all tracks.


Offering the app for free is a great gesture by Geert Bevin. It’s a late gift for Christmas 2021. But also that he is offering the app open-source to the community. It’s fully open-sourced under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International, an improved free culture license.

It’s a fantastic app not to be missed. It reduces everything to the essentials of MIDI recording and consequently ignores all the little extras that can cause problems.

Uwyn MIDI Tape Recorder is available now as a free download from the Apple AppStore and runs on iPhone, iPad and macOS.

More information here: Uwyn

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