Dawesome Novum, granular Synthesizer plugin with a bouquet of spectral synthesis

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Dawesome Novum is a new innovative Synthesizer plugin where granular and spectral synthesis collide in a very colorful, playful way.

If subtractive synthesizers are too classic and unexciting for you, you should take a look at the developments of the young company Dawesome. With the Abyss, the developers have released a wavetable Synthesizer plugin with many special features, an organic sound, and a very unusual user interface.

For the last few months, they have been working on their next product release. It’s called Novum and this time they’re exploring granular and spectral synthesis. Again in a very special novel way.

Dawesome Novum

Dawesome Novum

Novum is a granular Synthesizer plugin that does many things differently than its competition. Rather than offering more of the same, Novum tries to bring granular synthesis further with new options. Let’s say an innovative touch on granular synthesis.

The core engine is based on sound decomposition. More precisely, you can drag and drop any sample source in the plugin window and Novum will decompose it into 6 layers of sound. You get a unique colorful representation of sound where the different timbres are separated. This analysis is stored in the plugin and represented as a spectral list in the sidebar.

It becomes super wild if you use this data to create new sounds. For example, you can exchange timbres and envelopes from different samples in seconds. This can be done simply by drag and drop them from the sidecar. So you dive into the spectral layers of individual samples and manipulate the spectral content but also the temporal evolution of a sound. So you can, for example, take a flute sample but hear it with the timbre of a piano.

Of course, the plugin also has the usual granular processing tools per layer including grain size speed, jitter position and time, skew, pan…  You can also draw a new envelope per layer with two loop points and an offset parameter.

Timbre Flower & Syntify

There are also more extravagant features. Novum hosts a unique timbre flower that includes spectral variations of the actual layer. By clicking through the dots in the colorful flower, you can explore the spectrum. So you can use a spectrally modified version of the timbre (layer) that has either more harmonics, is more static, or noisier

Then, you have an innovative Syntify shaping section that uses Casio CZ-style phase distortion synthesis and applies it to arbitrary samples. Peter, the developer of Novum says it is capable to turn (almost) every sound material into something that sounds like it’s coming straight out of a modular Synthesizer.

Besides these highly unique functions, it also comes with classic subtractive features like an analog-style multimode filter with a multi-type distortion as well as a comb filter. There is also tons of modulation power in the global engine including envelopes, LFOs, step modulators, randomizers, MIDI CC, pressure options, and more.

Effect side, it features a reverb, clouds processor, shimmer reverb, delay, phaser, and chorus. So effects that go very into the ambient and soundscapes.

Dawesome ships the plugin with 300+ factory presets that open the door in the wild granular world of Novum. It comes with full MPE support and highly optimized for CPU efficiency. That’s correct. In the first tests, the plugin consumes very little

First Impression

Granular synthesizers today often tend to do the same. Often they only differ from the GUI. Novum is refreshingly different because it combines granular with spectral synthesis in a very harmonious concept. Especially the sound decomposition function and the option to modify the timbre using a flower are very unique. D

Peter of Dawesome sent me a pre-release version and so far I am very pleased with the Novum synth. The sound quality is very high and exploring/manipulating sounds is a lot of fun. A big like for this release.

Dawesome Novum is available now for an introductory price of $125 USD instead of $179 USD on the Tracktion webshop.

More information here: Tracktion

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  1. It looks very interesting, but considering the price, I’m thinking about it. Objectively, Tom, is it a ‘game changer’?

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