Uwyn Knobotron, Tactile UV Reactive Rings For Synths & Sequencers

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Uwyn Knobotron are tactile UV reactive rings for synths & sequencers that enable one-finger operation but also let them shine in a new light

Many musicians invest a lot of money in their studios. There a lamp, a plant, good acoustics, etc. Logically it is a musician’s living room. How about upgrading your synths and sequencers. Uwyn aka Geert Bevin, software developer of Moog Music and designer of the CableCube thought that too.

The Knobotron rings are the latest development. These are tactile UV reactive rings which on the one hand let every synth and sequencer shine in a new light but also improves the one-finger operation.

Uwyn Knobotron

Uwyn Knobotron

Knobotron are colored knob rings with a tactile pointer indicating the current position. The second property of this ring upgrade is that you can easily operate knobs with one finger. The knobs are fluorescent and UV reactive and are made of high-quality Virgin NatureWorks Ingeo Bio-PLA and printed with industrial-strength 3D printers. That means the rings become real eye-catchers under black light.

Knobotron comes in packs assembled for specific synths, half the knobs in neon green and half in neon orange. They add a couple of extra rings in every purchase so that you have more freedom to arrange your patterns. There are Knobotrons for the following synthesizers and sequencers:

  • Korg SQ-1
  • Make Noise 0-Coast, O-Ctrl, DPO, Echophon, Erbe-Verb, Maths, René, Strega,
  • Moog DFAM, Mother-32, Subharmonicon

Uwyn Knobotron

At first glance a very interesting product that only pimps the optics of your synths but also improves the operation. Certainly a cool upgrade for fans of UV colors.

Uwyn Knobotron rings are available now. Depending on the synth or sequencer, they cost between $9 and $17 plus shipping and taxes.

More information here: Uwyn

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