Erica Synths EDU DIY Mixer: new module with three channels plus distortion

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Erica Synths and Moritz Klein have published module number 6 in their EDU DIY series, this time a 3-channel mixer with diode distortion.

The DIY scene with parts farming, soldering, etc. is a fascinating and unique world in the Synthesizer world. The ability to solder, I can’t haha, opens the door to a very exciting music gear world packed with special products that often fly under the radar. 

In order to make the DIY world accessible to more people, Erica Synth developed with YouTuber and musician Moritz Klein a DIY series where you not only solder modules according to plan but also dive deep into the topic including the circuit design, the components, and more. The duo has already released 5 DIY modules, the sixth is coming today.

Erica Synths EDU DIY Mixer

Erica Synths EDU DIY Mixer

The 6th module in the new Erica Synths EDU DIY series with Moritz Klein is a mixer. Yes, a classic mixer module but with added functionality. From the front panel, it looks like a super simple three-channel mixer. It has three inputs each with a dedicated volume knob as well as a mixer out and an inverted out.

Hidden in the circuit is a built-in diode distortion circuit consisting of a pair of diodes, resistors, and an op-amp. This creates the best-known soft-clipping effect and makes your patches sound delightfully rough says. The nice extra also has a clipped output giving the option to route the distorted or non-distorted out of the mixer.

They don’t write it explicitly but I think it will be compatible with both audio and CV signals. So the inverted output makes more sense to me. A very simple module, but a very important one for any modular system. It’s mainly the bridge to new patching ideas. It serves to mix signals together or to craft new signals from two simple ones.

EDU DIY Series

Erica Synths and Moritz Klein have developed a series of educational DIY kits under the brand name mki x es.EDU. They have the main goal in mind to teach people with little-to-no prior experience how to design analog Synthesizer circuits from scratch.

We are already on the sixth module of 9 kits and will soon have a complete system. Currently, you can get a VCO, VCA, envelope, sequencer, VCF, and now the mixer module. There is also a special DIY case that is custom-made just for the EDU modules.

What makes this DIY series so different and unique from most DIY products is the manual. In addition to the construction, you will learn exactly how to design the circuit you are about to build yourself on the breadboard. Including the technical terms and more. The manual basically takes you through the circuit process step by step, explaining every choice they have made and how it impacts the finished module. A fascinating concept.

Erica Synths EDU DIY Mixer is available now for 45€ + VAT for customers in the EU without EU VAT registration number + shipping.

More information here: Erica Synths 

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