Bitwig Studio 4.3, the modular DAW gets a space and tone device extension

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Bitwig Studio 4.3, initially announced at Superbooth 22 is out now with new space and tone related devices including new convolution and delay devices.

Started as an “Ableton Live-inspired DAW”, Bitwig Studio has evolved into an impressive modular DAW over the past few years. At Superbooth 22, the young company from Berlin announced update 4.3 with numerous new features.

Today the 4.3 was released from the beta cage and the update is now officially out.

Bitwig Studio 4.3

Bitwig Studio 4.3

The new Bitwig update 4.3 runs under the name “Space & Tone” and tells you what to expect here. It includes new devices for adding space and dimension to your tracks/mixes as well as new modules for Grid and Polymer.

The first new addition is the Convolution device which is a flexible IR loader. It’s mainly known in music production for convolution reverbs. Bitwig ships it with 270 ready-to-use impulse responses and has the ability to load your own IRs. Pretty impressive is that you can use any audio as an impulse which opens the door to new sound design adventures. So you can create other effects using the Convolution engine. The device can be adjusted with color, tone, and width parameters.

Then, you can explore Delay+, a new versatile stereo delay device. You can adjust in milliseconds or beats and nudge each channel independently to create stereo effects. There are also various blur options for ambient-style diffuse, reverb-like textures, and a ducking feature.

Nice, you can also insert other devices or even VST plugins into the feedback loop that gives you almost endless options for wild experimentations. All this is possible due to the unique Bitwig modular engine.

Grid & Polymer News

Wait there is more to discover. Bitwig Studio 4.3 update also brings two new modules for the Grid and Polymer synth. Unison is a new oscillator that lets you blend square, saw, and triangle wave shapes in a drifting output. It also comes with a new Lowpass MG module that emulates the classic Bob Moog filter and mix bus.

Further, you can benefit from several other updated modules with new features including Lowpass SK, Comb, and various envelope modules.

Bitwig Studio 4.3

Besides this, Bitwig Studio 4.3 also ships with a new Perfect Drift sound pack where the sounds “embrace asymmetries and inconsistencies to approximate analog’s imperfect beauty”, says the sound designers. And lastly, it also includes full support for the new CLAP plugin format developed by Bitwig and u-he.

Bitwig Studio is growing and growing. That’s great to see. The new updates bring beautiful new devices with which you can explore many new sounds.

Bitwig Studio 4.3 update is available now as a free download for anyone with an active upgrade plan. During the Summer Sale, you get Bitwig S. for $299/299, the 16-Track version for $79/79€, and the upgrade plan for $129/129€. The 8-track and 16-track versions are also on sale.

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