mki x es.EDU VCA, a DIY dual VCA from Erica Synths and Moritz Klein

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mki x es.EDU VCA, a dual VCA is the second education DIY module series release from the Erica Synths and Moritz collaboration

Eurorack modules are often ordered as a DIY kit to save some money. Experienced solderers can get many modules at a reduced price. But soldering can also be educational. Erica Synths shows this with Moritz Klein in their new mki EDU DIY module series.

Here you buy theory and practice in one package. Very extensive but visually, simplified manuals give a deep insight into circuit design. This knowledge is then put into practice. After the VCO, the course continues with a dual VCA module.

mki x dual vca

mki x es.EDU VCA

The mki x es.EDU VCA, yes a long name for a module, is a simple but clever dual VCA for Eurorack. The two VCAs are split into two blocks, one on top and one on the bottom. Each VCA has an input, output, a CV input and an offset potentiometer. The inputs are DC-coupled and so they support both audio and CV signals.

You get a normalisation on the second VCA to the first. This allows you to split the audio signal to both VCA or control both VCAs with a single CV. A neat functionality. It also ships with an extensive 60-page build manual that explains the electronics behind the module and provides step-by-step build instructions. One of the big highlights of this new DIY series.

Erica Synths DIY mki x es .edu

As a reminder: Erica Synths has teamed up with the musician and YouTuber Moritz Klein and developed a new series of beginner-friendly DIY modules with the focus on education. Every month a new module from this collaboration sees the Eurorack world.

The brilliant concept should be particularly highlighted here. You don’t solder another module here as usual. The goal is to learn how to build a circuit with all the little details and then put it into practice. And with the knowledge you have learned from the course, you may build your own module later on.

Erica Synths mki x es.EDU VCA starts shipping this week (Feb 10) and will be available for 55€ + VAT + shipping.

More information here: Erica Synths

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