Strymon compact pedals get a Next-Generation V2 makeover, full details

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Strymon has today unveiled the “Next Generation” V2 compact effects pedals with major new features and improvements. 

Already at the beginning of June, the news leaked that Strymon would soon be renewing its small compact effects pedal series. The information was found in a video that was removed after a short time.

Today the curtain was officially lifted and Strymon revealed 6 new compact effect pedals. Okay, not brand new but major updates for its compact series.

Strymon Compact Pedals V2

Strymon Compact Pedals V2

The new release features next-generation version 2 (V2) of the blueSky, Flint, El Capistan, Lex, Deco, and DIG.

Strymon has updated the core of all six pedals by embedding a new ARM DSP chip that proves more processing power. There are also new algorithms for each effect pedal. Including new additions as well as updated algorithms. For example, blueSky comes with a new spring algorithm that is capable of creating authentic-sounding vintage spring reverbs but also everything that goes beyond. Deco gets a unique cassette algorithm as a bonus.

Then almost all the V2 pedals benefit from more control, making the workflow more hands-on and easier to use. BlueSky features a new shimmer knob, DIG a new tone control, El Capistan a new spring knob, Lex gets two new hardware controls (volume & dry) and DECO adds a tone knob. Flint, however, gets no extra control.


Other hardware improvements can be observed on the backside. They now include a USB-C port that can be used to connect to your DAW or for MIDI. Yes, they now feature full MIDI implementation allowing you to control every knob, switch, and setting remotely via the EXP/MIDI jack or via USB-C. Additionally, you can save and recall sounds via 300 onboard MIDI presets.

Strymon Compact Pedals V2 backside

In the leak, I assumed that the Strymon compact V2 pedals have two L/R inputs and outputs for stereo operation. The guess was wrong, Firstly, Strymon upgraded the inputs with a new all-analog JFET front end that gives you increased responsiveness and a better dynamic feel.

Secondly, the input jack is a TRS socket with an additional mono/stereo switch. So you can input stereo signal but just over a TRS cable.

The new Strymon compact pedals V2 are shipping now. BlueSky, Deco, DIG, and El Capistan are available for $379 USD/429€ each. Flint and Lex are $349 USD /409€ each.

More information here: Strymon 

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