Superbooth 22: VoicAs Multi-Rover & LedPressor, stereo overdrive & compressor

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Superbooth 22: VoicAs Multi-Rover is a new multi-band LED Overdrive and LedPressor a stereo diode compressor, both with a strong focus on sound design.

Modules, modules, modules. There are more new modules at Superbooth than at any other international trade fair.

Also, the Eurorack developer VoicAs will show two new stereo modules at Superbooth 22

VoicAs Multi Rover LedPressor

Superbooth 22: VoicAs Multi-Rover

Starting with Multi-Rover which is a new stereo multi-band LED-based overdrive. According to VoicAs, it is designed as a very versatile saturator and thus it opens the possibilities of sound design to a whole level. On the interface, you can drive control over the low, mid and high spectrum. Plus, there are controls for the all gain, drive and volume that affects all three bands.

Multi-Rover can be used in different ways. As a harmonic injector and saturation unit at the end of a signal chain. Or for example, as a classic effect, it adds grit and aggressiveness to your sounds while keeping the clarity and definition of the signal. Plus, without losing the bottom end.

Then, every parameter of Multi-Rover is also CV controllable making it very versatile sound design tool. The developers immediately say that it has no known characteristics of a particular vintage device. They promise it doesn’t sound like anything else.


The second new module is a LEDs-based stereo compressor. Control side, it starts with a gain control with a unique characteristic. It reacts different with low and high input gain making it a more versatile feature for sound design. When cranking up the input gain the compressor start to react as a combination between overdrive and compressor. With an input gain at normal range, it will give more traditional compressor effects and behaviours.

Unlike classic VCA compresssors, the LedPressor isn’t transparent at all. It adds a lot of character and color to the sound. So it’s also an effect processor.

Two exciting modules that infuse character to every sound .If they are as good as the other VoicAs modules, then we can look forward.

VoicAs Multi-Rover and LedPressor availability and price TBA.
More information here: VoicAs

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