Moseley Instruments Announced The Cosmopolitan – A New Dual Phase Distortion Oscillator For Eurorack

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Moseley Instruments, a new Synthesizer company from the Netherlands announced this week the Cosmopolitan. It’s a new digital dual oscillator for the Eurorack format that features eight different waveforms and comes with two independent outputs.

The 8 waveforms are made here with phase distortion synthesis that is known from hardware Synthesizers (Casio CZ series) from the past.  It creates the waveforms by speeding up one part of a sine wave while slowing down the second part.

Two Independent Oscillators
  • CV for Pitch and Shape
  • Bipolar modulation Depth control
  • Coarse and Fine tuning controls
  • LED indicators for easy tuning
  • Precision circuits to ensure tuning stability
  • Wide CV range: +8V .. -8V
Eight WaveformsSawtooth
  • PWM Square
  • Sine Pulse
  • Triangle Pulse
  • Triangle Sine
  • Resonant Sawtooth
  • Resonant Triangle
  • Resonant Pulse

The Cosmopolitan is now available for pre-order for 289€ including 21% VAT and excluding shipping costs. Expected delivery is May 2018. Due to tax regulations, the developer currently only ship within the EU!

More information here: Moseley Instruments 

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