Superbooth 22: Error Instruments Imaginary Friend experimental synth voice & more

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Error Instruments will premiere new unique Eurorack modules at Superbooth 22 including the Imaginary Friend, a wild, experimental synth voice. 

In the colorful world of synthesizers, drum machines, etc. there is also a bizarre, obscure, experimental side. Mostly represented by small ingenious Boutique manufacturers that are sold in small shops. One of them is Paul Tas or better known as Error Instruments.

Paul is a developer of very unusual synth instruments but also a webshop operator specializing in experimental synths. You can find out more about his shop and his unique developer philosophy in my video from Superbooth 21. Since we’re on the topic.

Superbooth 22 Error Instruments

Since we’re on the topic. Paul Tas will have again a booth at Superbooth this year. He will bring some exciting new modules straight from his Amsterdam sound lab to SB22.

Superbooth 22 Error Instruments

Also this year you can marvel at the wild, crazy sounds of Error Instruments at the Superbooth. Three new Eurorack modules will premiere at SB22. One will arguably be one of Error Instruments’ biggest releases to date.

Error Instruments Imaginary Friend

The big highlight will be the Imaginary Friend, a new experimental full modular synth voice with 33HP for Eurorack. It features three unique sound generators that you can mix.

Error Instruments Imaginary Friend

Wave gives you endless different sounds probably a bunch of concatenated sounds like wavetables or so. Sub is a deep sine oscillator and you get an FX resonator that can work as a resonator FX or as a self-oscillation sound generator. That sounds already like a lot of unusual sound fun.

Then, it comes with an experimental LFO with classic waveforms (square, sine) and a random sequence (8/16) including a step loop function. There is also a clock divider, low pass gate, dual attenuator, multiple mixer, and a joystick controller. A feature we’ve seen often in recent ES releases and we’ll see it again later. There is more joystick fun stay tuned.

According to Paul, the Imaginary Friend synth voice is capable to create aggressive drones, wild rhythmic elements, minimalistic sounds, and everything in between. Definitely not a classic synth voice. Perfect for crazy noise, bubbling sounds, crunching timbres… Very special, and the first sound demos confirm that.

Sticky Joystick & Brain Damage

There are more new things to explore from Error Instruments. Sticky Joystick as the name suggests is a new joystick controller module for Eurorack. But a special one, otherwise it wouldn’t be an ES module either. It has a built-in low pass gate and switch. So you can generate versatile CV modulations (5V) using the joystick. Or push the joystick in another direction and create short organic drums or percussion sounds using the low pass gate.

Error Instruments Sticky Brain Damage

Brain Damage, don’t worry it doesn’t damage your brain, is a unique Eurorack mixer with a touch interface. It offers four channels (1-4) that you can mix using your hands and fingers. So the finger movements decide how the signals are mixed. If you want to use completely different, you can even use a metal sponge.

Additionally, you get potentiometer- and CV control over the main volume. Sounds like a very unique mixer approach. So you can mix your sounds just by moving your fingers. That could be a lot of fun, especially in sound design. Especially to create movements to add an organic touch to your sounds. If you could record these movements, it would be even more exciting.

Three wild new modules from Error Instruments. Especially the Imaginary Friend, the new experimental synth voice looks very tempting.

Error Instruments Imaginary Friend will be available on May 9th for 450€. Sticky joystick costs 75€ and Brain Damage 120€. Both modules are out now. The ES booth will be at Z241.

More information here: Error Instruments

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