Error Instruments Korsakov, multi-algorithm oscillator/drum voice for Eurorack

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Error Instruments, maker of many wonderful bizarre products shows Korsakov, a multi-algorithm Eurorack oscillator/drum voice with a joystick

Paul Tas has been very busy over the past few weeks. In addition to the experimental Game Cat Synth, Error Instruments has also released a new Eurorack module.

It’s a new oscillator/drum voice module and yes very unique and beautiful weird again. Just like we love the Error Instrument products.

Error Instruments Korsakov

Error Instruments Korsakov

Korsakov is a multi-algorithm oscillator that can be used as a versatile oscillator or as a drum voice. There is audio output and drum in / out so you can be flexible about how you use it. Like the crazy Game Cat Synth, Korsakov also has a joystick with which you can instantly control sounds. Then, you also have pitch and mod controls as well as big knobs for the speed. Exactly under this, you have a switch for adjusting the speed.

The module has seven different digital sounds built-in with the option to play them at two different speeds. So you get 14 timbres that are available either as a classic oscillator signal or as a drum/percussive sound. You can choose between these seven algorithms:

  • Wave LFO, a square wave with an LFO going up and down.
  • FM Synthesizer gives you different frequencies with some “air” in the sounds
  • drone FM Synthesizer made for rich cinematic drone sounds
  • crush modulation: lo-fi crush sounds with a bit of bit reduction
  • basic OSC: a “basic” oscillator in a filter to make acid-style basslines
  • chiptune OSC produces harmonic-rich, crushing sounds that are inspired by game sounds from the 80s and 90s of the SID chip (Commodore 64)
  • wavetable step generator gives you different kinds of waves with different steps.

When Error Instruments publishes something, it gets noticed. Either in the crazy sound or in the interface design. And the Korsakov module continues there. It is neither a normal oscillator nor a standard drum module. It looks unique and special. And the built-in joystick amplifies this. Nice release Paul.

Error Instruments Korsakov is available now for an introductory price of 199€ (reg. 275€) + shipping.

More information here: Error Instruments 

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