Error Instruments Mechanical Resonator, new experimental sound source & FX module

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Error Instruments’ new Eurorack module Mechanical Resonator explores the physical and mechanical spots of experimental resonating sounds. 

If you are looking for experimental synthesizers that don’t follow any current trend, Paul Tas’ developments are the right choice. As Error Instruments, he creates bizzare, utterly unique electronic instruments that produces unusual sounds.

His latest fascinating release is a Eurorack module “Mechanical Resonator”, which is an instrument and effect in one.

Error Instruments Mechanical Resonator

Error Instruments Mechanical Resonator

Mechanical Resonator is a new experimental drum percussion module with a built-in effect processor. The core is based around an acoustic string with a built-in pick up microphone. It is supported by a digital engine. Shaking the string creates the resonant sounds captured by the pick up.

Then, there is also a trigger input that gives you a second option to generate sounds. This allows you to create a wide range of sounds. From bass drums, plucks, electrostatic noisy timbres or even karplus strong. That goes in the physical modeling domain. You can also drive in the extrem and create dirty, bit-crushed sounds. Additionally, with a gate or a sequencer + envelope, you can even output unique basslines.

Equally important to know is that the module is not just an experimental sound source, it’s also a wild effect processor. You can use it as delay or bit-crusher with an audio signal. It’s all about finding physical and mechanical spots of the resonating sounds says Paul Tas. And as we know, the core of resonant sounds is very deep and versatile. One can get many special sounds from these.

Looks like a very fun and sonic exploring new module from Error Instrument. With a spring and resonating sounds it never gets boring

Error Instruments Mechanical Resonator will be available this week. Price TBA

More information will follow here: Error Instruments

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