Superbooth 22: Percussa SSP gets 3D graphics, new scanning oscillator & more

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For Superbooth 22, Percussa SSP will showcase the latest update for its SSP module including 3D graphics, a new 3D scanning oscillator & more. 

With the Super Signal Processor (SSP), Percussa has a module with superpower on the market. It bundles everything you find in individual modules in one. You find multiple oscillators, filters, modulators, sequencers, effects processors (granular…), CV processors, audio interface…

Everything you can “modular” imagine in one module. Well, it can’t make coffee or toast with ham and cheese yet. But let’s see maybe in the future. Yes, Linux-based plugins using the special SDK can also be loaded into the module. Percussa will have a booth at Superbooth 22 and they will show a new firmware with new features and improvements.

Superbooth 22 Percussa SSP 3D graphics

Superbooth 22 Percussa SSP Update

For the Superbooth 22, Percussa will present a major software update for its powerful Super Signal Processor (SSP) module. The Percussa developers say that they have been working on this update since its last participation in the show in 2019. The new update will introduce a complete graphics rewrite and will leverage the previously unused GPU processor on the SSP making advanced 2D and 3D graphics possible.

Then, they updated the SSP’s plugin SDK so third-party developers can use the GPU for 2D and 3D graphics via OpenGL(ES). With this update, users will receive the features planned in these initial Kickstarter campaign (2017) stretch goals. Including the benefits of accelerated graphics and increased DSP power.

Superbooth 22 Percussa SSP

3D Wave Scanning Oscillator

In addition to these major DSP boosts, it comes with a brand-new 3D wave scanning oscillator module that is developed by Percussa. According to the developers, it uses CPU-powered raytraced 3D graphics.  The name alone makes you want to try the oscillator. Looking forward to hearing it in sound demos.

It also comes with countless bug fixes and major improvements for the memory management.

Previous Updates

Not to be forgotten are the many updates of the past few years, which have massively upgraded the module. Featuring a USB audio interface support with up to 24 channels, MIDI MPE, and updates for the step sequencer, sampler, and direct to disk recorder.

New updates for the SSP module don’t just come from Percussa. The community also constantly provides new content in the past months. Open-source developer Mark Harris (thetechnobear) has released over 10 new plugins for the module and will demoing them daily at Superbooth 22.

Further, Mark has also started contributing recently to the main SSP application software, in addition to his plugin contributions (performance mixer, MI ports (Clouds, Rings…) matrix switchers) says Bert Schiettecatte the founder of Percussa. A nice update for the Super Signal processor. Glad to see the development continues and that module is growing.

The new SSP software update is currently in Beta and will be released at end of June 2022. The update will be available as a free download via the official forum.

Percussa has also opened up pre-orders for the next production batch of SSPs. It costs $2000 USD and can be pre-ordered via retailers and the official website.

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