Superbooth 22: Dreadbox Dysmetria first look, an analog groovebox Synthesizer

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Superbooth 22: Dreadbox Dysmetria, an analog groovebox Synthesizer that combines layered bass & drum sounds with versatile sequencing.

The Moog DFAM synthesizer showed us that a groovebox can also work in Eurorack. From these you can elicit drum, percussive or bass lines in a matter of seconds. Its strength is its sequencer,  where each step can have a different sound or a variation.

At Superbooth 22, Dreadbox is going in a similar direction with a new DIY kit called Dysmetria.

Dreadbox Dysmetria

Dreadbox Dysmetria

Dysmetria (42HP) is a DIY semi-modular analog groovebox for Eurorack. The core is very subtractive: 2 classic analog oscillators each with two waveforms and a noise generator form the sound generation part. Then, it goes in a voltage-controlled mixer with a built-in voltage-controlled FM section. The next step is a 2-pole resonant filter with lowpass and band pass outputs.

On the modulation side, Dysmetria has 2 decay envelopes. The highlight is the built-in 32-step sequencer that allows you to have a different sound per step. It captures up to three parameters in a step: pitch velocity, and accent. Plus, you can create ratcheting effects using the tempo slider. There are three modes: play, live, rec, and comes with pitch, velocity, accent and tempo controls. A special feature is that in addition to MIDI, you can also program the steps in a very analog way by moving three sliders.


So you can have one step with a kick, third step a snare… or even bassline notes in between. Thus you can get pretty complex rhythms packed with different sounds. Created hands-on with a hand-full of synthesis parameters in a smallest space. Dysmetria also has 15 patch points that allows you to use the synth features individually in your Eurorack system.

Dreadbox Dysmetria DIY


A very exciting unique analogue groovebox. However, the anticipation is somewhat dampened by the information that Dysmetria is only available as a DIY project. So it includes the PCBs, faceplate, components, etc. According to Yannis the developer, the assembly requires a little more soldering experience than the other Dreadbox DIY products. But it is built in such a way that even inexperienced musicians can build it.

There is some hope for all non-DIY musicians and people who have two left hands ike me. If the DIY version is a success, Yannis and his team will consider releasing Dysmetria module in an assembled version as well. I hope this will happen.

Erebus and Hades analog synths are also back as a DIY module. This news is, however, covered in a dedicated article.

Dreadbox Dysmetria is available now for 200€ (excluding VAT) as a DIY kit.

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  1. I really like the idea, that every parameter can be recorded. This makes it way mor e flexible than the DFAM but the sound is quite harsh. Not sure but interested.

  2. Ha! or, I just drank 3 Imperial Hazy Ales and ordered this, but I promise to build it when I’m sober and then instantly wire this to a Novation CMS that is haunting my closet.

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