Hikari Instruments Dual LFO, two interacting LFOs for complex modulations

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Hikari Instruments Dual LFO is a new dual LFO module with the unique ability to combine both CV signals and create complex modulations.

Low frequency oscillator or better known as LFO, is an essential part of every Synthesizer. They bring movement to every synth sound and make it more exciting. Unlike in classic synths, in a modular system, you can have as many LFOs as you want. In order not to use up all the expensive rack space, there are modules that host multiple LFOs in a single module.

Hikari Instruments from Japan, a developer known for unique, more experimental-focused designs, has introduced a new dual LFO module with a unique ability.

Hikari Instruments Dual LFO

Hikari Instruments Dual LFO

Dual LFO is a new LFO module with two independent voltage-controllable LFOs. Each LFO has independent waveform outputs, reset, and CV inputs. You can set the frequency of each LFO (A/B separately with a slider. Then, you can also add an offset for each LFO with dedicated sliders.

A highlight of the module is the ability to mix both LFOs together and create complex CV signals. How intense this connection should be can be set with two sliders. On the back, you can also change the frequency range of each LFO via a jumper. Attention, the CV in of both modules doesn’t follow 1v/oct.

An interesting, fresh take on a dual LFO.

An interesting take on a dual LFO.  Something different and more experimental than the classic dual LFO designs. But that’s no surprise here. Hikari Instruments is known for slightly quirky, unique designs. And a big plus point for the slider design.

Hikari Instruments Dual LFO is available for +/- 188€.

More information here: Hikari Instruments

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