Behringer UB-Xa pre-production unit first look and sound demo

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UK music retailer Andertons released a world’s first look at the Behringer UB-Xa Synthesizer pre-production unit (Oberheim OB-Xa clone).

While the last dancing guests of Superbooth 22 leave the premises in good spirits, UK music shop Andertons releases a sound demo of the upcoming Behringer UB-Xa. Because the question arose: no, Behringer wasn’t at Superbooth 22.

Back to the video: Jack von Andertons shows the world-first look at the UB-Xa, the clone of the Oberheim OB-Xa polyphonic Synthesizer. According to the video, it will have a multi-timbral analog engine and a polyphonic aftertouch keybed.

Behringer UB-Xa pre-production unit

Behringer UB-Xa

Visually the Behringer UB-Xa pre-production unit looks very nice and solid with the typical elements reminiscent of an Oberheim Synthesizer. But I’m not impressed by the sound of this pre-production unit. Very fuzzy and not round at all. Is it Jack who doesn’t like playing the synth or is it just the sound of the UB-Xa?  If you come from the Superbooth 22 and have played the OB-X8 and listened to it often, there are several sonic worlds in between them.

Oberheim very often pointed out at the booth that anyone can actually recreate the Oberheim analog voices, but the most important thing is to calibrate and fine-tune the entire engine. This goes up to envelopes and VCAs which are important elements. That costs a lot of time and money. Let’s see if it sounds better in the final version


According to Andertons, Behringer UB-Xa will be available for under $1500 USD worldwide in the near future.

More information will follow here: Behringer 

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  1. Patience & Time battling in search of our Talents/ Allies align to the completion of the Dialectics/Giving our Talents away

  2. Absolutely not the demo you would want to lead with. The synth sounds small and one dimensional. Earlier pre-production demos sound huge and expansive. Anderton demos are usually pretty good. This wasn’t.

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