Richard Barbieri of Porcupine Tree shows his Synthesizer studio and live setup

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Richard Barbieri, band member of Porcupine Tree showcases its keyboard & Synthesizer “Closure/Continuation” studio and live setup.

Prog Insider! Last year the British Prog Band Porcupine Tree around Steven Wilson celebrated their comeback after a break of more than 10 years. Excellent news for me as a prog fan.

In addition to Steven Wilson and drummer virtuoso Gavin Harrison, Richard Barbieri plays again the keyboards and Synthesizers on the upcoming new album and tour.

Richard Barbieri Porcupine Tree

Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree)

Richard is one of my favorite keyboard players. Mainly because of his playing technique which is very unique and different from what is otherwise known in the prog scene. No virtuoso, no keyboard shredding à la Jordan Rudess. Richard is an expert in epic soundscapes and a master at layering sounds. The beginning of the song Dark Matter is a perfect example.

On June 24, 2022 Porcupine Tree will release their new eleventh studio album Closure/Continuation. One that is eagerly awaited. It is currently being widely promoted on social media, including gear talks by the individual musicians.

In the latest video, Richard Barbieri gives an insight into his Synthesizer and keyboard studio and live setup. An exciting video showing how to incorporate electronic sounds into rock/metal music. Well-known synths from his previous tours (V-Synth, Access Indigo) are there but also new additions.

Richard Barbieri Porcupine Tree
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  • MacBook Pro with Reason DAW with virtual instruments
  • Access Indigo virtual analog Synthesizer
  • Sequential Prophet-5 desktop
  • Roland V-Synth
  • Roland SE-02 analog Synthesizer
  • Clavia Nord Lead A1 as a MIDI controller
  • Clavia Nord Electro 6D
  • Boss RC505 loop station
  • Arturia Keystep
  • ….

More information here: Porcupine Tree

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  1. Strymon Bluesky, TC Flashback, Alto small mixer (ZMX 122 ?), some Line 6 guitar pedalboard. I like a lot the setup, full of Barbieri personality applied to a modern Rock band as Porcupine Tree is. A bit of everything is there, digital, analog, classic emulations, etc.

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