Happy Nerding FX AID Pro gives you 200 effects in a new hands-on module

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Happy Nerding raises its fantastic FX Aid effect module to the pro level with 200 onboard effects, OLED display, and more control 

The FX AID/FX AID XL from the Ukrainian Eurorack manufacturer Happy Nerding is one of the most popular stereo effect modules. Igor, the developer, has constantly updated the module with new lovely algorithms over the past few years. From reverbs, delays, chorus, and distortions, to modulators up to emulations of the TR-808/TR-909.

Two weaknesses of the module are the missing visual feedback and the dependency on the web app. The developer has listened to the criticism and is showing the FX AID Pro today.

Happy Nerding FX AID Pro

Happy Nerding FX AID Pro

The Pro version (14HP) of the FX AID raises the popular effects module to the level that many users have long wished for. With an OLED display, more control, and many more ready-to-use algorithms. The FX AID Pro gives you 200 onboard effects which can be arranged in any order via the online editor.

So you get all algorithms in the module and you change them with a knob twist directly with the display. This shows you the effect number, name, and three available parameters which can be changed directly on the interface with visual feedback. Also a big improvement. In this way, you can enter much more precise values.

The module is a stereo module with two mono inputs and two mono outputs. There is again a single SRR input that can be routed to the parameters 1-3 or the effect selection and three CV inputs, one for each parameter. It also has internal modulation.

FX AID Pro also comes with a new advanced LFO that is routable to the sample rate, parameter 1-3, or effect selection. Then, it has 10 user storable presets with a handy indicator line for each stored parameter. So you can store now effect presets right in the module, also great to see.

There is also a handy screensaver function with 1, 10, 30, or 60 minutes options. In this case, the screen is switched off if no parameter knob/encoder is touched. According to the developer, this saves some energy and screen life. Per default, it’s on the 60 minutes option but alternatively, you can turn this off and so it’s always active.

As with the other two modules, the updates are made via a playing wav file. New is a level indicator for proper volume matching as well.

First Impression

It’s finally here. I am a long-time FX AID user and a big fan of Igor’s work. I am very happy that we can now explore the beautiful algorithms in a new hands-on module. And I’m glad to hear that Igor is safe in a new home and busy developing modules.

Happy Nerding FX AID Pro will be available in one month for 300€+ VAT or 330 USD.

More information here: Happy Nerding 

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