Joranalogue, a look behind the scenes of the Belgian Eurorack manufacturer

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The New Zealand synth shop and associated community Sine Community visited Joranalogue in Belgium and took a look behind the scenes.

There are currently several hundred Eurorack manufacturers. From tiny one-man shows to larger companies. How such companies work is rarely discussed.

The Sine Community from New Zealand, which combines synth shop and community, visited Joranalogue, one of the best-known Belgian Eurorack manufacturers.

Joranalogue Behind The Scenes

During their visit, they interviewed the Jornalogue team, including chief developer and CEO Joran van Gremberghe. The interview covered designs, how they develop, and more. More exciting were the insights into the production of the modules, which also takes place in Belgium.

For example, you can see how the STEP 8 sequential tracking/sampling register module is manufactured.

In a small rural town close to Antwerp, Belgium we find a passionate team of engineers dedicated pushing the boundaries of analogue circuitry, designing 21st century synthesizers.

The brand offers a novel series of high quality eurorack music synthesizer modules with a utilitarian aesthetic providing versatility and precision.

All of their products are designed and manufactured in Belgium, keeping in mind their commitment to the art of analogue whilst designing functional tools to create sound.

Suppose that’s not enough, and you want to take another look behind the scenes of Joranalogue. In that case, I recommend an interview I conducted with Joran van Gremberghe at Superbooth 22 two years ago.

More information here: Joranalogue 

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