Superbooth 22: Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth Mk2 with major feature boost, first look

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Superbooth 22: Gamechanger Audio has previewed the MOTOR Synth Mk2, a major feature upgrade for its experimental electro-mechanical desktop Synthesizer.

Experimental synthesizers like the SOMA Labs Lyra-8 or Make Noise Strega are special instruments that refresh the market with fascinating concepts. Gamechanger Audio’s MOTOR Synth, on my best-of list 2020, is also one of these wild, crazy developments

It’s unique analog electro-mechanical concept that uses physically motorized oscillators sets it’s apart from any other Synthesizer on the market. These produce a very raw, industrial sound that sounds very special. At Superbooth 22, Gamechanger Audio from Latvia showed the next development step with the MOTOR Synth Mk2.

Gamechanger Audio Motor Synth Mk2

Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth Mk2

MOTOR Synth Mk2 is further based on the unique concept of 8 spinning electro-motors. The Gamechanger Audio developers have invested a lot of time improving the synth in every aspect. Starting with the case which now has a more solid case. Inside, dampening elements are installed to reduce the noise of the motors. The layout has also been adapted to the new boosted engine.

They also installed new rotor discs that are made to their specification to achieve better performances and and a longer lifespan. There are also significant upgrades on the engine. They split the oscillators into two groups of 4 spinning motors to offer 2 independent voices. You can play them in mono, unison, or in 4-note polyphony.

Then, each voice features a multimode analog filter with sonic upgrades including increased headroom, improved envelope response time, and very precise tracking. There is also a new digital engine to explore with a DCO with new classic waveshapes and noise. This comes with its own amp, envelope, portamento, and a digital multimode filter.

Gamechanger Audio also improved the amplitude cross-modulation for both voices giving you deeper sounds. So you get two analog voices and a single digital one. Further, they raised the LFO count to three, each with five waveforms with a waveshaping option.

Another good addition is the new stereo output where you can route each voice separately if you wish.

First Look & Availability

The first version is an amazing experimental Synthesizer with a very bizarre, crazy concept. I’m glad to see that the developers have significantly expanded and improved the MOTOR Synth in MK2. It’s a bit of a shame that Mk1 users can’t benefit from the improvements without an extra purchase.

Gamechanger Audio MOTOR Synth Mk2 will be available in the Summer for 3000€ +/-. No confirmed but there will maybe be an upgrade option for existing MOTOR Synth users whereby existing customers can send in the Mk1 version and receive a discount on the new one.

More information here: Gamechanger Audio

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  1. I thought the original Motor synth was the most stupid idea for a synth ever to make it into production. But here they are with version 2 so I must be wrong. People with real money must be buying these things.

    • Tom, are you sure about the price estimate? Mark 1 was somewhere around 1200 EUR AFAIK (see also the campaign on Indiegogo), but surely the price tag of Mark 2 can’t suddenly be more than twice as high as its predecessor, can it?

  2. I believe the price is around 3000 Euros, give or take a little, according what was said at Superbooth. Kind of puts it around the same price as was the Erica Synths Syntrx V1.

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